Police Log Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Tuesday, May 5, 2020


9:57 a.m.: larceny, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street discount store reports a review of security video reveals a male party who went behind the counter on Monday and stole a carton of cigarettes dropped a knife, the caller asked that an officer take custody of the knife and review the video, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
11:20 a.m.: accident, Main Street at Meadow Street, multiple callers report a two-vehicle crash, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Medical Center and one to Baystate Noble Hospital, both vehicles were towed to the police impound yard, a citation was issued;
12:14 p.m.: fraud, East Main Street, a caller from an East Main Street fast food restaurant reports a person in a vehicle in the parking lot has been hacking into the mobile apps of customers and using those apps to make large and expensive purchases, the responding officer reports the suspect vehicle left the area prior to his arrival, an incident report was filed;
1:53 p.m.: animal complaint, Hillside Road, an animal control officer reports she attempted to speak with a dog owner about his unleashed dog harassing landscapers, the ACO reports the man immediately became agitated and yelled at her as she advised him of the city’s leash law, the ACO reports that due to the dog she was not able to approach him to give him a written copy of the ordinance and he said he will trash it when she mails it to him;
4:23 p.m.: document service, Westfield Police Department, 15 Washington St., an officer reports the subject of an un-served protective order was at the station, the officer detailed to serve the order came to the station and the order was served in hand;
4:51 p.m.: fraud, Holyoke Road, a resident came to the station to complain that she was victimized by an online scam, an incident report was filed;
7:23 p.m.: assist other police department, Springfield Road, officers assisted State Police investigating a stolen vehicle by identifying and detaining suspects and gathering evidence, services rendered;
9:18 p.m.: accident, Phelps Avenue at Meadow Street, multiple callers report a two-vehicle crash, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and one vehicle was towed to the police impound yard.


8:43 a.m.: fire alarm, Sheep Pasture Road, Southwick Fire personnel responded to an alarm which was deemed accidental and related to steam from a shower.
12:38 p.m.: fire, Bugbee Road, a resident requesting to be anonymous reports a lot near his home is being cleared and debris burned throughout the day with heavy smoke, this residence has been investigated previously and fire personnel advised the subject once again and stated they would return to check the property.
5:11 p.m.: officer wanted on Sunnyside Road where a former tenant and the new owner of a property had a dispute.
8:54 p.m.: found property, College Highway, a handicap placard found in a pharmacy parking lot was returned to its owner.
10:46 p.m.: traffic stop, College Highway, during a traffic stop a police officer noticed damage to the vehicle consistent with a collision with a roadside item, the driver was unaware of the damage and the officer deemed it unsafe for the operator to continue driving and called for someone to pick him up.


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