Police log Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


11:54 a.m.: animal complaint, Williams Way, a caller reports that there is a skunk in her yard that appears unwell and is not moving, the responding animal control officer reports that the skunk was captured and transported to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter;

2:04 p.m.: larceny, Notre Dame Street, a caller reports that her neighbor just stole a package off her front porch, the responding officer reports that the caller was able to show video of the incident and that the neighbor admitted to taking the package because she was angry that the caller would not answer the door, the officer reports that the package was returned and both neighbors were advised to stay away from each other;

9:13 p.m.: accident, Washington Street, an officer reports that he witnessed a two motor vehicle accident on Washington Street, the officer reports that one tow truck was requested to remove one of the vehicles from the scene, the responding ambulance reports that one person refused medical attention;

9:49 p.m.: suspicious, Old Stage Road, a caller reports that there is a vehicle parked at an Old Stage Road playground after dark, the responding officer reports that there were two occupants in the vehicle under the age of 21 in possession of an unopened 12 pack of beer, the officer reports that the beer was destroyed by one of the occupants and he advised them that the park is closed and that it is illegal for one to possess alcohol while underaged, the officer reports that neither of the occupants appeared to be impaired;

11:50 p.m.: suspicious, Fowler Avenue, a caller reports that his friend was about to drop him off at his apartment when he saw two unknown persons inside through the window, the caller reports that he and his friend left the scene before they called police, the responding officer reports that the home was cleared of any unknown persons but the back door was open.


5:31 p.m.: officer wanted, College Highway, a caller reports an older male sitting in his vehicle in a liquor store parking lot “enjoying his purchase,” the subject was gone upon police arrival.

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