Police log Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


12:46 a.m.: well being check, East Main Street, a caller reports that she was in a drive thru when she saw a male party in a vehicle following two female parties who were on foot and seemed visibly distressed about the male party following them, the caller reports that she approached the female parties but did not get their names and she was then briefly followed by the male party herself, the responding officer reports that they did an area search and could not locate the female parties or the vehicle that was following them;

7:37 a.m.: animal complaint, Dana Street, a caller reports that they located a loose bulldog, the responding Animal Control Officer reports that the bulldog was transported to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter;

11:26 a.m.: assault, Medieros Way, a caller reports having a gun drawn on her while she was at work by a male party who then left in his motor vehicle, dispatch reports a second caller called claiming to be the male party wishing to turn himself in, the responding officer reports that he met with the male suspect to turn in the gun then went to his residence to turn in his others, the officer reports that Nicholas Matthews, 29, of 80 West Silver St., Westfield, was placed under arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon;

12:19 p.m.: brush fire, Springfield Road, multiple callers report a brush fire on the West Springfield town line, the responding officer reports that the fire is on the West Springfield side and that he will assist with traffic, the responding firefighters report that they would assist West Springfield with putting out the fire, dispatch reports that West Springfield police said that the fire was taken care of;

12:59 p.m.: accident, Holyoke Road, a caller reports a two motor vehicle accident with no airbag deployment, the responding officer reports that two tow trucks were requested to remove both vehicles from the scene, the responding Fire Captain reports that ambulances were requested, the responding ambulance reports that two patients were transferred to Baystate Noble Hospital, another ambulance reports that one additional person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital;

3:19 p.m.: suspicious, Southampton Road, a caller reports that he observes a male party digging an approximately 10 foot by 10 foot hole in the ground in the woods across from him, the responding officers report that they could not locate anybody in the area but did find a hole in the woods matching the description made by the caller;

5:47 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, South Broad Street, a caller reports that two ATVs drove up South Broad Street and cut across the road in front of him while he was operating a tractor trailer, the responding officer reports that an area search turned up negative.

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