Police log Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2021


11:30 a.m.: motor vehicle breaking and entering, Western Avenue, a caller from a Western Avenue park reports that two of his vehicles had been vandalized, the responding officer reports that damage was done to the front passenger window of one vehicle and the driver’s side window of the other vehicle, the officer reports that he filed one incident report for each vehicle;

12:51 p.m.: suspicious, East Main Street, a caller reports that a male party is walking around a parking lot and looking inside multiple vehicles, a female witness reports that the male party was checking the door handles of vehicles as if he was checking to see if they were unlocked, the responding officer reports that the male party’s vehicle had left the scene before his arrival, the officer reports that he went to what he believed to be the residence of the male party and spoke to him, the officer reports that the male party denied having been in the parking lot;

1:20 p.m.: animal complaint, George Street, an animal control officer reports that a female resident brought an orange and white cat back to the Westfield Regional Animal Shelter after she trapped it with a humane trap;

1:42 p.m.: disturbance, Southampton Road, a caller reports that she was standing and having a conversation with a group of people in a vehicle from out of state when the group grabbed her duffel bag and drove off, dispatch reports that the plate number provided by the caller does not match the type of vehicle she said they were driving, the responding officer reports that other individuals in the vehicle threw her belongings out of the car and left her stranded in Westfield, the officer reports that the caller met up with the vehicle’s occupants and they agreed to peacefully leave Westfield;

2:33 p.m.: accident, Russell Road, multiple callers report a two-vehicle accident where one vehicle is rolled over, the responding officer reports that all occupants are safely out of the vehicle and all refused medical attention, the officer reports that two tow trucks were requested to remove the vehicles from the scene.


7:17 a.m.: general service, College Highway, a plow driver at a pharmacy pushed snow into the travel lane as well as an adjacent lot, the store manager contacted the plow company;

7:41 p.m.: officer wanted, Fred Jackson Road, a resident reports a package stolen from the house.

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