Police Log Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, July 1, 2020


9:24 a.m.: suspicious person, Free Street, a caller from the Samaritan Inn reports a male party walking around outside the shelter is offering persons a prescription drug, the responding officer reports a suspect was located and identified, the man denied attempting to sell narcotics, the man was found to be listed as a missing person but said that he had already advised the responsible agency that he is not missing, the officer advised the man that police will take notice of his activities and warned him against selling medication;
10:44 a.m.: document service, Miller Street, an officer detailed to serve a restraining order reports the subject was located and served in hand, the order was also explained to the recipient;
2:05 p.m.: document service, Southampton Road, an officer detailed to serve a restraining order reports the subject was located and served in hand;
3:14 p.m.: disturbance, East Main Street, multiple callers report two motor vehicle operators have exited their vehicles and are apparently engaged in a physical altercation, the responding officers report both participants were located and both said that the minor altercation was related to a traffic incident, neither operator wished to pursue the matter;
3:43 p.m.: traffic complaint, Myrtle Avenue, a patrol officer reports a bicyclist who was doing wheelies in the street refused to stop for him, the initial officer and a responding officer reports two youths fled on foot behind Abner Gibbs School and one of the boys struck an officer, both teen-aged boys were detained until they were released to parental custody;
4:42 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Shepard Street, a caller reports that two youths who frequently ride dirt bikes in the street are again doing so, the responding officer reports the two dirt bikes were located in a Shepard Street driveway, two youths who initially denied riding them were advised of the pertinent laws and told to cease riding recreational vehicles in the road;
4:53 p.m.: larceny, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street discount store reports a woman who stole from the store on Saturday returned and stole additional merchandise, the responding officer reports he was able to speak with the suspect by phone and she said she had not been in the city that day, the officer reports security video will be reviewed;
5:07 p.m.: disturbance, Monroe Street, a caller reports three unknown men are in the backyard drinking and causing a disturbance, the responding officer reports several of the men live in the apartment complex and agreed to turn down their music which had been “a little loud”, one was found to be the subject of outstanding warrants issued in 2017 and 2019 by Hampden Superior Court and Chicopee District Court, Yancarlos Marrero, 37, of 34 Meadow St., Apt. 22, Westfield, was arrested on the warrants;
5:27 p.m.: parking complaint, King Street, a caller reports three vehicles parked in violation of ‘No parking’ signs are impeding the view of operators exiting the City Hall parking lot, the responding officer reports the operators of the three vehicles were located in a nearby church and moved their vehicles;
7:54 p.m.: assist other police department, Springfield Road, West Springfield police report two of their officers are across the city line with an intoxicated man who may be in need of services, the responding officer reports a Holyoke resident who was highly intoxicated had been attempting to ride his bicycle to Southwick, the man was able to contact a friend who came to get him;
9:47 p.m.: well-being check, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he encountered a homeless woman sleeping on the same bench at the bus pavilion she had been sleeping on when he encountered her the day before, the woman was advised to attempt to get a bed at the Samaritan Inn and left the area;
11:39 p.m.: found property, Oakcrest Drive, a patrol officer reports the owner of a cell phone found on Oakcrest Drive could not be determined and the phone was stored for safe keeping.


7:05 a.m.: assist citizen, College Highway, police assisted a tree service worker who was locked out of his truck;
10:09 a.m.: assist other agency, Foster Road, police assisted with traffic during paving;
3:07 p.m.: officer wanted, Sawmill Park, children of a recently deceased resident reports a couch, chair and microwave were removed from her apartment without permission, management is reviewing security footage and believe there was a misunderstanding about donating the items;
4:50 p.m.: general services, Hillside Road, a For Sale sign was removed from a vacant lot;
5:08 p.m.: traffic concern, Berkshire Avenue, a caller advised of vehicles traveling at high rates of speed, a check of the area found no violations at this time;
8:06 p.m.: general services, Police Department, Depot Street, a known male party wished to speak to an officer to explain his interpretation of George Floyd’s death, he stated he has additional information unknown to the public and would like the FBI to release information, he then showed the officer his electric bike and then explained his interpretation of Raymond Brock’s death.


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