Police Log Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, July 22, 2020


12:31 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, patrol officers report they spoke with three cooperative persons found at the park who left without incident when advised of recent issues at the park;
6:54 a.m.: vandalism, South Maple Street, a caller reports her boyfriend recently came home and observed that two of their cars had been spray painted and tires had been punctured, the responding officer reports the vandalism was documented and an incident report was filed;
12:47 p.m.: larceny, Southwick Road, the owner of a Southwick Road store reports a known woman stole merchandise but returned it when he went to her place of employment and confronted her, the responding officer reports the suspect claimed the incident was “a misunderstanding”, the victim chose not to pursue criminal charges and the suspect was informed that she is no longer welcome in the store;
5:26 p.m.: soliciting, Main Street, caller reports a male party in the parking lot of a store has been asking passers by for money and did not leave when asked to, the responding officer reports the man appeared to be confused and impaired and said there is something wrong with his head which makes him forget everything, the man was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital by Westfield Fire Department ambulance;
5:40 p.m.: arrest, Sackett Road, detectives seeking the subject of a warrant report the man was fond at his last known address, David Mael Benitez, 19, of 304 Sackett Road, Westfield, was arrested on the warrant issued by Westfield District Court;
8:40 p.m.: infrastructure complaint, Union Street, a caller reports a tree has fallen on electrical power lines which are sparking, a G&E dispatcher was notified and a crew responded, the road was closed while the tree was removed but a tractor trailer unit attempting to turn around went off the roadway and became stuck, a tow truck was summoned to winch the truck back to the hardtop.


3:54 a.m.: investigation, Tannery Road, police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle and found a rental truck with its dome light on, all in order;

12:06 p.m.: vandalism, Hillside Road, the owner of land for sale reports repeated vandalism of his For Sale sign. An officer investigated the property and found the sign was pulled from the ground and the hole filled in;

1:28 p.m.: assist other agency, Island Pond Road, police assisted the Department of Children and Families with removing a child and transferring custody;

9:50 p.m.: referral, Depot Street; a caller requests information regarding soot left behind after the chimney was cleaned and is concerned about healthy safety,

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