Police Log Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, July 29, 2020


4:25 a.m.: accident, Montgomery Road, a caller reports he was backing out of his driveway when his vehicle was struck by a motorcycle, another caller said that the motorcycle operator was seriously injured and intermittently unconscious, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports the roadway was closed as the State Police accident reconstruction team, a team from the District Attorney’s office and a medical examiner responded to investigate the crash, see story in the Saturday, Aug. 1, edition of The Westfield News;
5:40 a.m.: breaking and entering, Mockingbird Lane, a caller reports she awoke to find the door of her vehicle open and her wallet stolen, the incident was referred to the Detective Bureau;
8:16 a.m.: breaking and entering, Marla Circle, a caller reports a window of his vehicle was smashed to gain access to it and his wife’s purse was stolen, the responding officer reports another vehicle was also found to have been broken into on Mockingbird Lane, both incidents were referred to the Detective Bureau;
9:48 a.m.: larceny Free Street, a hardware store manager reports a larceny which occurred the evening before, the responding officer reports the complainant said that two men distracted staff while a third walked out of the story carrying two stolen back-pack blowers, the theft was referred to the Community Service Unit;
10:09 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street at Arnold Street, offices monitoring traffic for cell phone violations report a vehicle was found to be operating with registrations plates which had been issued to another vehicle, the car was towed, in addition four written warnings and one verbal warning were issued;
11:53 a.m.: larceny Springfield Road, a patron of a fitness business reports her wallet was stolen from her backpack, a suspect was identified, the responding officer reports the suspect was still at the gym and found to be the subject of three active warrants issued in 2018 and 2020 by the Lowell and Newburyport district courts, Nicole Anne Pustorino, 26, of 21 Lewis St., Reading, was arrested for larceny from a building, intimidating a witness/juror/police/ official and on the three warrants;
1:57 p.m.: animal complaint, Prospect Street Extension, a caller reports three stray cows, the responding animal control officer reports the owner retrieved the cows and checked the gate locks;
3:04 p.m.: fire, East Silver Street, a clear reports a fire in the door of a car in a parking lot, the responding officer reports no fire was found but an apparent short circuit in the door created smoke, the battery was disconnected;
4:20 p.m.: vandalism, Elm Street, a caller reports a window was broken at an Elm Street building, the responding officer reports a hole in a window was found but no entry attempt appeared to have been made, the incident was referred to the Community Service Unit;
8:08 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a male party who stole merchandise worth several hundred dollars fled when he was accosted as he was placing the property in the window of a vehicle, the responding officer reports the vehicle owner made himself known to the caller and told the officer that the window of his vehicle had been open because it is broken and he was at the store buying materials to fix it, the officer reports the owner was not involved in the theft and the merchandise was recovered, the store manager chose not to pursue the matter further;
9:21 p.m.: accident, Mill Street, a caller reports a vehicle operated by a woman who appears to be intoxicated crashed into wall, the responding officer reports one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and a car was towed to the police impound yard;
11:50 p.m.: weather complaint, North Road, a caller reports a fallen tree is blocking three-quarters of the roadway, a DPW dispatcher was notified and dispatched a crew which removed the fallen tree.



2:05 p.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, assistance was requested regarding a child removed from a Springfield home and now living with the father in Southwick;

6:22 p.m.: assist citizen, Depot Street, a resident reports receiving a packet of seeds from an unknown vendor that were not ordered, the seeds were disposed of;

8:46 p.m.: well being check, Tannery Road, police found all in order when following up on a call from a resident concerned about a crying child;

9:11 p.m.: suspicious person, Salem Road, a report of a vehicle with its dome light on was found to me the car owner working on the vehicle;

9:19 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, College Highway, a vehicle reported on farmland was a farm employee tending crops

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