Police Log Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, July 8, 2020


1:02 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he encountered a vehicle with registration revoked due to lack of insurance, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard and two persons were provided courtesy transports to a Wilson Avenue address;
10:04 a.m.: accident, Pochassic Road, a caller reports a utility pole is hanging by the wires after it was crashed into by a heavy truck, a G&E representative was notified;
10:41 a.m.: suspicious vehicle, Sgt. T.M. Dion Way, a caller reports a truck drove down a dirt road past the airport, the responding officer reports he encounter a man who said he needed to test drive an ATM he was considering buying and had been told he could do so at the sand pits behind the airport, the officer advised the Springfield man that the area was city property and that there was no legal site in the city to operate an off-road vehicle, the officer reports the man was respectful, packed up his property and left the area;
10:58 a.m.: vandalism, Russellville Road, a caller reports someone attempted to siphon gas from his vehicle and damaged it in the process, an incident report was filed;
7:12 p.m.: document service, Collins Street, an officer detailed to attempt to serve an abuse prevention order reports the order was explained and served in hand;
8:12 p.m.: well being check, Meadow Street, a caller reports an unattended 5-6 year-old boy is walking around, the responding officer reports the boy’s mother was unaware that he had been able to unlock a door and wander outside, services rendered.



8:23 a.m.: fire, College Highway, a caller reports smoke to the east of Valvoline, a investigation found no fire;

9:26 a.m.: animal complaint, an anonymous caller reports chickens on Juniper Road are not being cared for properly;

9:55 a.m.: animal complaint, College Highway, a resident requested assistance with removing a bat on her porch, Wildlife Rehab was contacted, however the bat flew away;

10:18 a.m.: animal complaint, Juniper road, the animal control officere followed up on a call regarding the care of chickens and reports the animals had been given water;

10:46 a.m.: fraud, College Highway, a caller reports a fraudulent unemployment claim was filed;

1:55 p.m.: officer wanted on College Highway, a reporting party from CVS reports that a customer returned a prescription they claimed was incorrect, police were told the original prescription was a pill and a powder was returned;

4:04 p.m.: officer wanted, Babb Road, an officer’s presence was requested by a former resident retrieving belongings;

8 p.m.: general services, Depot Street, a caller requested assistance having a vehicle towed from his property that is not wanted and belongs to his child’s mother, police advised him to bring in proper paperwork.

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