Police Log Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, June 17, 2020


7:24 a.m.: identity fraud, Deborah Lane, a resident reports via the on-line reporting option that he received a letter informing him that unemployment benefits have been approved for him but reports he did not apply for such benefits, see story in the Tuesday, June 2 edition of The Westfield News;
9:33 a.m.: found property, Elm Street, a resident came to the station to surrender a damaged cell phone found on Elm Street, the responding officer reports the owner of the phone could not be determined and it was stored for safe keeping;
11:48 a.m.: weather complaint, Springfield Road, a detail officer reports a large branch fell into the roadway and is disrupting traffic, the responding officer reports a paving contractor cut up the branch and moved it to the side of the road, a Massachusetts Department of Transportation representative was advised of overhanging branches and tall grass in teh area which are in need of attention;
11:55 a.m.: accident, Springfield Road, a caller reports a vehicle “drove her off the roadway,” the responding officer reports the registration of the caller’s vehicle had been revoked for lack of insurance and witnesses stated that no other vehicle was involved when the car (which had been operating erratically) struck the curb and blew a tire, a criminal complaint was filed and the car was towed to the police impound yard;
2:22 p.m.: assist other agency, Root Road, the Community Service Unit commander reports he met with representatives of the city’s Board of Health regarding allegations that members of the youth football league are practicing and not adhering to state guidelines regarding issues such as social distancing and physical contact, the officer reports he spoke with league officials and at least one participant’s parent who all denied any violations of the appropriate protocols, the Board of Health officials were advised of the results of his investigation;
2:28 p.m.: assist resident, Springfield Rod, a resident came to the station to complain of harassment on social media from two identified suspects, the officer reports he was able to speak with one of the suspects and advised him not to contact the complainant, the complainant was advised of the conversation and her options if there are future problems;
2:41 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Buck Pond Road, a caller reports persons are operating ATVs in the sand pits recklessly, the responding officer reports he encountered two ATV operators from Springfield who stopped at his signal and were respectful as he advised them that there was no legal places available in the city for public use of ATVs, the men loaded their machines on to their vehicles and left the area;
12:14 p.m.: fire, Crane Avenue, a caller reports smelling smoke in the area, the responding firefighters report a resident found to be burning a small pile of brush and leaves was advised of the pertinent regulations and extinguished his fire;
4:09 p.m.: animal complaint, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont Way, an animal control officer reports G&E workers came to the shelter to surrender a baby sparrow;
5:08 p.m.: larceny, Franklin Street, a caller from a Franklin Street discount store reports a woman who has shoplifted from the store in the past just walked out with paper towels she did not pay for, the responding officer reports the caller had followed the suspect to her home and said that although she wanted the return of the merchandise and to serve the suspect with a ‘No trespassing’ order she did not wish to pursue a criminal complaint, the ‘No trespassing’ order was served;
5:16 p.m.: larceny, Southampton Road, a New Jersey resident reports that an expensive watch he left in his motel room was stolen while he was out, the responding offer reports the complainant said that he left a Rolex on his nightstand when he went out and it was gone upon his return, the case was referred to the Detective Bureau;
6:12 p.m.: disturbance, Orange Street, a caller reports that a known party walked past her home and yelled vulgar insults at her, the responding officer reports he found the suspect at his home and discovered that the man had not been served with an updated restraining order, the order was served;
8:45 p.m.: noise complaint, Maple Street, a caller reports a neighbor’s loud party is disturbing her peace, the responding officer reports the noise from the indicated apartment was barely audible upon arrival and the resident had only one guest, the resident was advised of the complaint and agreed to turn off her music;
9:00 p.m.: fraud, Montgomery Road, a caller reports she sold a laptop computer via a social media site and has not been paid, the responding officer reports the incident appears to be a scam outside of the city’s jurisdiction.


10:08 a.m.: officer wanted, a resident spoke with an officer at the police station regarding an investigation, she states she keeps receiving debit card sin the mail she did not request;

12:04 p.m.: animal complaint, Nicholson Hill Road, a stray dog was found in a yard and reunited with its owner;

3:04 p.m.: accident, Feeding Hills Road, a two-vehicle accident was reported without injuries, one vehicle drove into the rear end of another, one vehicle was towed from the scene;

4:57 p.m.: motor vehicle complaint, Coes Hill Road, a motorist was advised regarding speeding;

10:59 p.m.: suspicious activity, Southwick Regional School, youths skateboarding in the parking lot.

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