Police log Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, June 23, 2021



1:22 p.m.: suspicious, Demond Avenue, a caller reports the occupants of a suspicious motor vehicle are going around and checking parked vehicles to see if they are unlocked, the responding officer reports an area search turned up negative;

9:46 a.m.: vehicle fire, Southwick Road, a patrol officer reports a trash truck is on fire, the officer reports that the fire was put out by a fire extinguisher;

11:19 a.m.: burglary/breaking and entering, Cycle Street, a caller reports that a male party is attempting to force entry into the back door of a vacant apartment, the caller reports that the male party left the area while she was calling, the responding officer filed an incident report;

6:01 p.m.: accident, East Mountain Road, dispatch reports that they received an emergency notification from a vehicle’s onboard emergency notification system saying there was an accident with airbag deployment, the responding officer reports that two tow trucks were requested to remove two vehicles from the scene, dispatch reports that two people refused medical attention;

9:16 p.m.: animal complaint, Alquat Street, a caller reports that there is a loose chocolate lab with a harness on that is barking and growling aggressively, the responding officer reports that the dog could not be located;

11:24 p.m.: motor vehicle violations, Orange Street, a patrol officer reports that he pulled over a motor vehicle for a traffic violation, the officer reports that Sean Phillip Jacques, 27, of 218 Griffin Rd., West Suffield, Conn., was placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant;

11:31 p.m.: disturbance, Mechanic Street, a caller reports that there are two people beating up another person, the responding officer reports that he was searching the area when a delivery driver approached him and said he was the one being beaten up, the officer reports that the driver told him that the male parties had placed a traffic cone on his vehicle while he was making a delivery to a house, and that they jumped him after he threw it off the car, the officer reports that there were no specific suspects at that time.


1:50 p.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, a resident reports that over the weekend a Westfield Water Department employee threw dog excrement on his laws, the resident lives adjacent to a water treatment facility owned by Westfield, the resident claims he confronted an unnamed worker who said he did it, the resident also said that workers are unlawfully and purposely leaving vehicle’s running through the night, an officer contacted the Westfield acting DPW director who stated that no workers are at that site on weekends and they do not run their vehicles overnight but he would look into it;

3:53 a.m.: officer wanted, Congamond Road, a resident reports a telephone scam in which a person called asking for bail money for an estranged family member;

4:28 p.m.: animal complaint, Sterrett Drive, a German shepard was reported lost and was reunited with its owner;

10:40 p.m.: fire. Vining Hill Road, the fire department responded to a report of a person burning what smelled like chemicals, the fire was found, put out and the homeowner advised.

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