Police log Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


9:52 a.m.: disabled automobile, Union Avenue, a police detective reports that a vehicle that just left a shop near Union Avenue is leaking oil all over the road, the detective reports that the fire department was requested to clean up the spill, the responding officer reports that he conducted traffic control while the fire department treated the roadway to remove the oil;

12:40 p.m.: animal complaint, Western Avenue, a patrol officer reports that a black lab type dog was loose in the roadway and was almost struck by multiple vehicles, the officer reports that he was able to coax the dog off the road and the owner was able to get it back onto the property, the officer reports that the dog’s owner was issued a citation for the loose dog;

1:25 p.m.: downed lines, Western Avenue, a caller reports that a large branch fell and took down utility wires, the responding officer reports that he requested Westfield Gas & Electric and the Department of Public Works to help remove the branch and restore the lines, the officer reports that the tree was removed and a length of new wire was run across the affected poles to restore power to the area;

9:46 p.m.: hit and run accident, South Maple Street, multiple callers report that they witnessed a motor vehicle drifting off the roadway and striking a road sign before fleeing the scene, the responding officer reports that two signs were damaged in the collision and that the Department of Public Works was requested to fix the signs in the morning.


8:37 a.m.: suspicious person, Loomis Ridge, a resident reports an unknown male knocked on the door;

9:12 a.m.: animal complaint, Rail Trail and Depot Street; a bear was enjoying the brook without issues;

10:30 a.m.: animal complaint, Granville Road; a resident reports a large python in the basement was relocated to the woods by a worker and the caller hopes there were no babies left behind;

12:50 p.m.: fire, Sefton Drive, the homeowner was advised of burning regulations and the outdoor fire extinguished;

3:38 p.m.: fraud, Grandview Street, a resident received a fraudulent check from Publisher’s Clearing House.

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