Police Log Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019

12:39 a.m.: abandoned auto, Emery Street, a patrol officer report he assisted as an abandoned vehicle was towed from a city property to the police impound yard;
9:01 a.m.: assist citizen, Elm Street, a caller requests assistance retrieving her phone and other property from one of the apartments in the building, the responding officer reports the property was not found and when the missing phone was called it did not ring inside the apartment;
12:35 p.m.: animal complaint, Montgomery Street at Murray Avenue, a caller reports he took custody of a dog which had been walking in traffic, the dog was surrendered at the municipal animal shelter,
3:46 p.m.: incapacitated person, Elm Street, a caller report an intoxicated man is laying on the ground at the bus station, the responding officer reports the man was deemed to be too intoxicated to care for himself and was placed in protective custody;
5:11 p.m.: assist resident, Sunbriar Drive, a caller reports her 11-year-old son found a pair of handcuffs in the back yard and now can’t get them off, the responding officer was able to unlock the handcuffs, the officer checked the area and found no other similar items;
6:44 p.m.: identity fraud, a caller reports she learned that a credit card account had been opened in her name and a “test” charge had been made on it, the responding officer reports he advised the caller to contact the issuing agency;
7:58 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, West Silver Street, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop revealed that the operator’s license was expired, the officer reports that the operator summoned a licensed driver who took custody of the vehicle, a written warning was issued;
9:14 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, West Silver Street, a patrol officer requests a tow incident to a traffic stop, the officer reports that numerous empty heroin packets were found in the vehicle, the officer noted that the man had a large amount of cash on his person and said that he had been en route to purchase heroin when he was stopped;
10:07 p.m.: alarm, Servistar Industrial Way, a security manager reports an alarm at a business, the responding officer reports doors were found to be unlocked but a search of the building did not find anything amiss, the officer reports an unoccupied motor vehicle was parked at the business.

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