Police Log Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020


10:19 a.m.: assist other agency, Noble Hospital, 90 Court St., officers detailed to transport a person required at Westfield District Court report the man was delivered there without incident;
11:29 a.m.: animal complaint, Mechanic Street, an animal control officer reports that she spoke with a resident about her need to provide shelter to the dogs tethered outside and also pointed out that her residence is not zoned for chickens, the ACO reports that the resident said that the animals belong to her son who is moving away from the city on Friday and will take them with him;
11:38 a.m.: animal complaint, Old Stage Road, a woman who had adopted a dog from the municipal animal shelter returned to surrender the dog due to a conflict between the new dog and her existing pet;
12:53 p.m.: assist other department, West Silver Street, multiple callers report a possible water main break in front of the middle school, the responding officers confirmed the break and set up barriers to divert traffic, see story in the Friday, Sept. 4, edition of The Westfield News;
6:10 p.m.: fraud, Michael Drive, a caller reports she was victimized by a telephone scam, the responding officer reports the victim sought help with a computer problem and found person on-line who agreed to help her upon receipt of pre-payment by gift cards but did not provide useful assistance;
8:37 p.m.: found property, Munger Hill School, Mallard Lane, a caller reports a yellow mountain bike has apparently been abandoned near the back door of the school, the responding officer reports the bike was stored for safe keeping;
8:48 p.m.: city ordinance violation, a patrol officer reports he observed a group of men sitting on a curb and three were drinking from beer cans, the officer reports that when he approached he observed empty beer cans and nip liquor bottles strewn around with unopened alcohol containers in plain view, the officer reports the three men are “frequently the source of calls for disturbances because of their loud, obnoxious behavior,” city ordinance violation citations for consuming alcohol in public were issued to each man;
9:16 p.m.: loitering, Williams Street, a supervisory officer reports he was advised of persons sleeping at the pavilion of a social club, the responding officer reports he found two persons sleeping and the female party said that they were playing Pokemon on their phones as the area is rich in Pokemons to hunt, the officers advised them that they were trespassing on private property and sent them on their ways:
9:46 p.m.: traffic complaint, Chapel Street at Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a bicyclist performing ‘wheelies” while riding eastbound in the westbound lane and causing approaching traffic to take evasive actions, the rider was advised of the hazards of such behavior and an incident report was filed .



10:12 a.m.: officer wanted, Depot Street, a resident requested information regarding obtaining a trespass notice;

11:32 a.m.: officer wanted, Wynnfield Circle, a resident reports receiving several calls from someone stating it is the social security office, police advised the resident not to give out any information;

12:27 p.m.: suspicious activity, College Highway, a mortgage company maintenance employee reports when entering a property the front door was open and banging noises could be heard;

2:39 p.m.: unwanted guest, College Highway, a store manager reports an unwanted customer refusing to leave after purchasing a dog collar without a battery, she wished to return the collar and the store would not take it back, police advised the customer to contact Westfield District Court;

8:40 p.m.: Assist motorist, Prifti Park, police assisted a motorist who was locked out of a vehicle.

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