Police log, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

Major crime and incident report

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020


9:37 a.m.: animal complaint, Springdale Road, a caller reports that there is a black and tan chihuahua mix type dog running loose in the area, the responding animal control officer reports that she brought the dog back to the shelter, the animal control officer reports that she left a message with the owner of the dog, the animal control officer reports that she did not feel comfortable putting the dog back in its backyard without the owner present because she is unsure of how it escaped and it is on a busy road;

3:52 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, Noble Street, a caller reports that a vehicle was operating erratically on the road, while on the phone with dispatch the caller reported that the vehicle in question just rear ended another vehicle, the responding officer reports that no airbags were deployed, the officer reports that an ambulance was dispatched to transport one involved party to Baystate Noble Hospital;

4:59 p.m.: disturbance, Clifton Street, a caller from a Clifton Street towing company reports that there is a male party on the property attempting to attach license plates to his impounded vehicle so that he may drive it off the property, the responding officer reports that he advised the male party of the transfer law for motor vehicle registrations, the officer reports that the male party agreed to have his vehicle towed off the property as it had a flat tire anyway;

5:51 p.m.: officer wanted, Service Star Industrial Way, a walk-in female party reports that her supervisor at a Service Star Industrial Way food packaging company touched her hips from behind against her will, the female party reports that she and her coworker were fired when a verbal altercation ensued, the desk officer reports that the female party was advised to make a complaint with the company headquarters and to speak to legal counsel to see what legal options are available to them;

6:09 p.m.: disturbance, Saint Paul Street, a caller reports that she is currently in a verbal altercation with some individuals and that a male party was recording her on his cell phone against her will, the caller reports that the individuals began yelling at her when she attempted to grab the phone, the responding officers report that the incident began when a female party was having a loud discussion with a group of youths about their use of offensive language and was using offensive language themselves, the calling party took offense to the female party’s use of offensive language and also used offensive language to voice her displeasure, the officer reports that the calling party was advised that one has the right to record persons in public places in Massachusetts and that offensive language is protected under the first amendment;

6:44 p.m.: assault, Main Street, a caller reports that he had been punched in the face by a male party after the two got into a disagreement stemming from the caller accusing the party of stealing his beer, the responding officer reports that the male party in question claimed that the caller accused him of stealing his beer while the caller was urinating behind a dumpster, the male party reports that the caller actually attacked him first before he struck the caller in the side of the head, the officer reports that witnesses were able to corroborate the male party’s claims, the caller reports that the male party cut his eye and that it was now swollen, the officer and responding firefighters report that the injury to the caller’s eye was old and could not have occurred that day, the officer reports that the caller was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital for a second opinion and for alcohol treatment;

7:49 p.m.: property damage, Orange Street, a caller reports that he arrived home to find that his neighbor was pulling up his sunflowers which he had been growing all summer, the neighbor reports that she was under the impression that the sunflowers had to be removed by autumn and that she decided to do it herself, the responding officer reports that the caller just wanted the incident documented as the sunflowers were inexpensive.



8:05 a.m.: suspicious activity, feeding Hills Road, a resident reports that she has heard people in the area of the Columbia Gas property in the morning and evening and has heard shots or firecrackers and has found beer cans there;

10:47 a.m.: officer wanted, North Lake Avenue, a resident reports a neighbor, with whom she has ongoing issues, came to her door with his dog and a golf club and she was frightened, a responding officer spoke with the neighbor who c=said he was trying to apologize, he was advised to stay off her property;

12:25 p.m.: accident, College Highway, the scene was cleared and an injured person refused medical attention;

3:58 p.m.: animal complaint, Powder Mill Road, a resident reports a dog on the porch, the animal control officer responded and made arrangements for the owner retrieve the dog;

5:32 p.m.: motor vehicle complaint, Foster Road, an erratic vehicle was reported heading from Foster Road to South Longyard and into Suffield, Conn., Suffield police were advised;

5:41 p.m.: assist other police, Reservoir Road, an environmental police officer  requested an officer meet him at the Granville Gorge to assist in speaking with a person regarding illegal dirtbike use;

7:09 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Hudson Drive, a caller reports vehicles failing to stop coming off Whalley Way onto Hudson Drive, the responding officer relayed the information to the safety officer and advised that he would reach out to businesses to notify employees of the concern;

7:11 p.m.: officer wanted, Jeffrey Circle, a resident reports that their daughter said another child showed her a knife on the school bus, a report was given to the school resource officer for followup;

11:17 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, Gristmill Motors, a car with its hazard lights flashing was investigated, the responding officer reports the operator was dropping off the car for service.

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