Police Log Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019

5:08 a.m.: larceny Meadow Street, a caller report his moped was stolen from his back yard overnight, the responding office reports the victim said that the keys, helmet and gloves for the moped had been on his back porch and are also missing, the vehicle was last seen about 1 a.m., see next entry;
7:04 a.m.: found property, Depot Square, a caller reports that while searching for a stolen moped he found three mountain bikes which appeared to have been stashed on the railroad right-of-way, a responding officer reports the bicycles were transported to the station for safe keeping;
7:38 a.m.: animal complaint, Russell Road, a caller reports he was unable to avoid a deer in the roadway while operating west bound on Russell Road, the responding officer reports the deer was killed by the crash and was removed;
9:20 a.m.: animal complaint, Paper Mill Road, a caller reports he was unable to avoid a deer in the roadway and deer is injured, the responding officer reports the injured deer was dispatched, the carcass was removed;
1:31 p.m.: found property, Westfield Technical Academy, 33 Smith Ave., a school official surrendered a cell phone which had been in the ‘lost and found’ container since the previous school year, the phone was stored for safe keeping;
3:15 p.m.: larceny, Court Street, an officer reports that a medical professional reported that petty thefts had occurred in his office but ended when an employee terminated employment there;
5:45 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports two shoplifters had been detained, the responding officer reports a criminal complaint was lodged against one of the suspects;
10:34 p.m.: fire, Elm Street, a caller reports a mulch fire near the bus station, the responding firefighters report a much fire apparently caused by the careless disposal of a cigarette was extinguished.

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