Police Log Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020


11:18 a.m.: unwanted guest, Pearl Street, a caller reports a known person who she does not want to be at her residence is ringing her doorbell, the responding officer reports the man had left prior to his arrival and the caller was advised she could ask her landlord to issue a ‘No trespassing’ order;
11:30 a.m.: animal complaint, Tannery Road, an animal control officer reports she investigated a report of an injured bird and transported it to the municipal animal shelter;
12:06 p.m.: accident, East Main Street, multiple callers report a two-car crash, the responding firefighters report one person was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital;
12:58 p.m.: animal complaint, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont Way, a person came to the shelter to surrender his cat because he has become homeless and is living in his car;
6:40 p.m.: traffic complaint, Powder Mill Village, 126 Union Street, a caller reports a group of youths are riding motorized scooters and mountain bikes against the traffic flow in the apartment complex, the responding officer reports a search revealed no such vehicles, a subsequent caller after dark made a similar report of teenagers riding motorized scooters without lights, the responding officer reports no such vehicles were found;
11:16 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a vehicle has been parked in the store’s parking lot for more than a week, the responding officer reports the unoccupied car has been parked for more than three days and appears to have been abandoned, the store manager was advised of the process to have the vehicle towed from the parking lot.

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