To Humason, Velis, the mayor, and city council: Today I was very disturbed when I found out some information about what Walmart does with their leftover stuff — food, in particular. They would rather throw it in a bin and give it to a pig farm, instead of making donations to the senior center or the soup kitchen, or to those in need. Their policy is very appalling. A human life means nothing. A lot of this stuff could feed a lot of different people. Is there somebody who can find out why Walmart has this practice and can put a stop to it and give it to the needy? I’d appreciate it very much if somebody could look into it. If they need somebody to pick this stuff up, I would be more than happy to do it. Respond through the paper and I will be glad to get back to you.

The people on the Westfield Facebook forums kill me. One minute they’re complaining that the roads in Westfield are awful and that something should be done to fix them then the next day those same people complain about traffic because the roads are being fixed. Are Westfield people that stupid? I know the answer, yes they are.

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