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Can the Westfield News follow up on the Westfield dump/Colonial Pine Acres incident? All of a sudden we don’t hear anything about it. Thank you. We at The Westfield News have been following this story closely since the beginning but due to privacy laws neither the Westfield police nor Hampden County District Attorney’s office can provide any detailed information. We have been assured that when information can be released we will have and, in turn, you will get it.

I attended the Westfield 350th birthday planning meeting the other night and a recurring theme was the positivity about Westfield primarily from either people who weren’t born and raised here yet through careers or otherwise made Westfield their home, or those who were born and raised here but moved away for a bit and have a better appreciation for the value of the city. I overheard one gentleman say that, with all the history and things this city has to offer on a regular basis, other communities would love to be like us. It got me thinking, why is it that a lot of those born and raised here and never left don’t understand the beauty and value of Westfield? Think about all that has happened in 350 years. What a wonderful place to be.

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