PulseLine, December 31, 2012

PulseLine, thank you for being there. I’ve been a customer of this newspaper for many years and I enjoy it. I have one problem with the new owner. It’s about this whole newspaper. There’s many low-income people and an awful lot of seniors that purchase this newspaper that do not own a computer and won’t be able to get in touch with the PulseLine to air their problems in hopes that someplace along the line the problem would be straightened out, as the PulseLine has helped for many people. The second one is there seems to be more business ads in this newspaper, which I do realize is how the paper makes money, but there’s been more than ever before. On most days during the week I count 45-50 ads. The pictures have gotten bigger. Less news to read. That’s my problem with this paper. I hope it straightens out. I will continue to purchase this paper. My other problem is Southwick has now become worse than Westfield DPW department for plowing. If you drive along the side roads, in most cases, it’s a car and a half wide. I do realize these contractors are getting extremely good money for the services but aren’t doing the job. I notice the foreman in his new pickup truck is riding around the streets constantly but I guess he’s not paying attention. Happy New Year, everybody!

Many have commented that Pulse line has long been a major draw of the newspaper, as did a recent entry. That writer specifically noted no computer access, and yet you referred him to a phone number and to AN EMAIL ADDRESS??? You’ve previously noted a lack of “manpower” to type phoned-in entries: the other gender tends to have better listening skills. Anyone else ever notice what people tend to drop on the public right-of-way? Candy wrappers, soda and beer bottles and cans, fast food wrappers, cigarette butt and packages, lottery tickets- in short, evidence of our bad habits! Call it psychologically disowning perhaps, but please do it only mentally, and dispose of trash property. It it theoretically only the lowest order of life forms that litter their own nests…

Shame on you, The City of Westfield, for the deplorable shape that the parking lot at the corner of Elm and Franklin Street was in on Friday morning! Every inch was covered with glare ice – not a sign of sand or salt in sight – and it was impossible to walk without putting your life in danger. My husband and I are in our 80’s and a fall at this point could be fatal so we were terrified when we saw the situation but had no choice except to find the parking spot closest to our destination – Salon Cabellos – and attempt to negotiate the area between where we parked and the entrance to the building. It took us a good five minutes to get there by holding onto cars whenever possible and doing the best we could when none was within reach. Fortunately, a young man coming down the alley next to The Nook gave us a hand and assisted us thru that icy area. Otherwise, I am not sure what we would have done. As we drove into the parking lot, I saw that the building directly to the left had shoveled a path about 12″ wide and it, too, looked impassable so that was not an option even if we had been able to get to it and that would mean a longer walk. Can’t help but wonder what, if any, your responsibility is if one were to be fatally injured in falling due to your lack of properly clearing the parking lot and making it safe for people to walk? I realize that you couldn’t prevent the ice from forming BUT you could have and should have SANDED it!

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