PulseLine: WHS hockey and Sen. Humason

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Congratulations to the Westfield High School boys hockey team!  You’ve made the city of Westfield proud with your division 3 western Mass championship. However, let’s put this into perspective for a moment. Shall we? If you don’t think boys and girls are treated differently in Westfield then you need to wake up! The girls gymnastics team has gone about 10 years undefeated with 10 consecutive years as division 3 western Mass champions. I heard that the boys hockey team got Friday off from school because of their win Thursday night. The gymnastics team has never gotten a day off from school. Fair? You decide. And don’t give me that, “the gymnastics championships are on Saturday so there is no school the next day” crap. Those boys were probably at home in bed at a time no different than a normal school night. As a clarification, The Westfield News learned that the hockey team did not have the day off on Friday but they were allowed to show up no later than 9am since the team bus did not return to the high school until nearly 11:30pm after the game.

I am a follower of Senator Humason on Facebook because it’s the only place he updates residents of his work since he doesn’t do an article in the paper any more. The other day I saw that he has been in budget meetings but I was shocked to see him posting photos from inside the state house chamber while budget discussions were taking place. Hey Don, please pay attention!

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