To the Editor

Hello Ward 3, and the rest of Westfield. First of all, I everyone had a great 4th of July. And, a reminder just in case; the flag you see flying from my door is the 1st flag of the American Revolution, the 1st flag of an Independent Massachusetts, and used by New England 3 years before Betsy Ross’s version. While it is called the Bunker Hill Flag, purists know it is the Breeds Hill Flag flown there is 1774.

Next, Ward 3, particularly Jefferson St. folks I want to thank Dave Billips and his team for filling the pot holes on Jefferson St., especially that crevasse on upper Jefferson. I know how busy they are; they could really more people in their budget, hint, hint. He does so much to save money and time getting things done good deeds should be rewarded. 

Next, thanks go to Secretary of State Bill Galvin for refusing, as have so many governors, to give the Fed our private voter information. They talk about being opposed to big brother government, and then become Big Brother. Especially to use the myth and lie of millions of illegal votes cast, and 1,000’s from Mass. going to New Hampshire to vote for Clinton….Please exaggerations are to be expected from politicians, but this undermines our most important American institution. Is it not bad enough that the Soviets are trying to undermine our Democracy, should we help them in their mission? This is conquest on the cheap; no war just undermine the institutions, and their credibility, and let the nation collapse on its own. 

While on this trend, big thanks to Governor Baker for standing up for Health Care in Mass. As the Congressional Budget Office, an independent and trusted agency lets us know how many seniors and poor would be hurt. And, how much Mass. taxpayers would have to come up with the defunding. Heaven forbid billionaires would not get a tax cut, even though they owe their ability to succeed on us the American People who work, defend, and keep our nations communities stable for them to make their billions. Federalist founder Alexander Hamilton, in the Federalist papers wrote something to that effect, with the wealthiest should pay the most due to the benefits they get. And, leave the lower income less taxed so as to grow their business interests. OK, that’s it for now… Brian Hoose, your former Ward 3 City Councilor. [email protected].

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