To the Editor: Anti-Semitic behavior: Back to the Dark Ages?

A few facts: 1. Christ, his parents, and disciples were all Jews.  2. Moses, a Jew, who got the 10 Commandments, and the Old Testament was written by Jews.  Are Anti-Semites then, anti-Christ and anti-Bible?  Add to this, for those who really read the Bible: The God of Abraham is also the God of Ishmael who began the Arab people; (if you remember Abraham’s wife could not conceive so she gave him her hand maiden, Hagar, an Egyptian woman, who conceived Ishmael; then Sarah became pregnant with Isaac.  Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael into the wilderness to let God decide, and they were rescued by God.  Moses married a daughter of Jethro, a descendent of Ishmael, and in their lands found God, the Burning Bush, and received the 10 Commandments; and, this is the God of Christ.  

The Jewish people have been a part of America from our very beginning and contributed in helping our American Revolution.  I realize that this is part of some Old World concept of racial superiority; where every race considered itself superior to all others.  But, they forget that only the few at the top: the royals, and wealthy mercantilists, were believed to be truly superior.  The poor and working people were deemed inferior, and those who worked for others were by god and nature: inferior and evil; even amongst the “superior people” the many were still inferior.  What makes superior: the Arts, Sciences, inventiveness?  Much of the world had created much of this 1,000’s of years before the Germanic tribes.  What about the development of Arts, Culture, science, etc.  There are people with lot of talents and skills who we could say are superior, but is it because of their individual skills, the environment that enabled them to be creative, or their race?  We often find that when opportunities exist even those deemed “inferior” can be very talented and accomplished.   

One of the ancient re-writes of the principles of the Christ came from the concept of Pre-Destination where it was claimed that the God made the “saved” rich to prevent wealth going into the hands of the evil (very much not the way of the Christ).  If having wealth makes you superior, what about the very wealthy that exist in China, India, the Middle East, etc.?   

Another test of being the chosen was superiority in killing through a trial by combat (another: not the way of the Christ)?  But, when you have all the money and military power, I guess you can re-write even the Bible and “convince” others to agree.  But, as for that being superior by the ability to kill, we mongrel Americans kicked their butts in WWI, and II.  Or, is being superior, because they say so?   

And, for those poor neglected and abused: with 200 years of white male dominance, why haven’t all of them achieved superior things; because the social economic, culture, and the classism of different parts of the country that existed from our Revolution up to the late 20th century prevented it.  The White Trash down South were considered social inferior and were disallowed or discouraged from getting an education, being involved beyond the basic stuff in their society, being uppity and to know their place too.  As well, many still retained the idea that those who worked for others or did manual labor, were inferior.  They were those from the other side of the tracks.  So, while they were kept from being resourced, and developing it was more often other White Males/Masters class that made it and kept it that way.  The South had an artificially created poverty.  They kept the taxes low thus did not provide the services needed for other Southerners to get out of poverty.  This kept wages low, and labor cheap.  Those my age remember the ‘50’s when a lot of industry went South because of that.  Add in: the South got a lot of military installations and contracts to supplemented the State’s income, and Federally funded services to take care of their poor.  Louisiana, for instance, gets 40% of their state budget paid for out of Federal tax dollars.  So much for all their talk about we take care of our own, yes unless it cost money.   The West had much the same with their Land Barons.  So when you hear the complaint that all that federal money goes to help Black or Latino people, factor all of the facts.  They had to blame someone for the neglect and abuse of their own.  Thus, why the division in the Republican Party over health care etc., for too many Trump voting constituents are very dependent upon Federally funded social services.   

Brian Hoose, your former Ward 3 City Councilor, [email protected]

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