PulseLine: Taxes, flags, trees & animal abuse

Of course they are going to raise the meal tax .7%, we always knew that the mayor and city councilors cannot resist a new tax where possible. By the way folks, if you are a couple and you eat out twice a week (@$20 each time), that’s an additional tax of $145.60 @ year, add that to the proposed 4% real estate tax increase of $160.00 (if your current tax is $4,000) and you are at $305.60 @ year. Most all of which is going into that bottomless pit known as the school department budget. Thank you school department folks, hope your enjoying your three month summer vacations.

I think it would be a nice gesture on our city to donate the young trees they plan to cut down in front of Pine Hill Cemetery to Mestek.  Seeing the City cut down and destroyed the trees on their property for the construction on North Elm St, I would like to see those trees on Western Ave dug up and planted on Mestek’s property ( and I hope Mestek would accept them). According to the City Engineer’s office, there will be more trees once the projects are done than there were before they started. To get all the information on tree placement we encourage you to visit the Engineering office to see the plans.

I was at Saint Mary’s Cemetery last Saturday morning and was surprised to see the American Flags on Veterans’ Graves being removed. They had been there for about 2 weeks.  I don’t understand why they cannot be left at the graves until after Veteran’s Day.  We are told that they interfere with mowing and grounds-keeping, but REALLY.  Wars ( past and present ) aren’t fought in a 2 week span. They should be in place from Early May to late November.  I think St Mary’s should rethink their policy.  Then ask them.

I was hoping to see a follow up story on the Animal Abuse case that happened late last year.  The one where a cat was left to ( basically ) die in a Woronoco Apartment.  If it had not been for a neighbor hearing the cat crying, his death would surely have been. From what I remember, the person at fault was to have appeared in Court on June 7, yet nothing was noted in the Court Log about the outcome. I am an animal lover and cannot bear to hear and read when animals ( of any kind) are abused.  Please Westfield News, follow up on this. We are following this story. The case was postponed from the original June date. Once the date is announced we will be on it.

Why is the Westfield Police allowing chop shops to flourish in Westfield?  Northwest Road is loaded with them. I thought this activity was illegal.  Just like 4 Wheelers- I thought they weren’t supposed to be on the roads.

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