An Open Letter to the Never Trumpers in Westfield

To the Editor,

This letter is to the roughly 20% of Republicans and 50% of unenrolled voters in Westfield that would never vote for Trump.

Before voting for Westfield State Representative this year, you should be aware that both Republican candidates for State Representative, Kelly Pease and Dan Allie, are Trump supporters. Neither of them have a problem publicly endorsing a candidate who has bragged about assaulting women, failed miserably at addressing the pandemic, has denigrated Gold Star Families and war heroes, drove up the trade deficit with China, created a wedge between us and our allies, drove up the national debt, slept with porn stars with a newborn infant at home, would never have been wealthy if not for inheriting his father’s fortune and yet still managed to squander that, and has driven a healthy economy into the ditch. I could go on for much longer but I’m trying to save The Westfield News on their ink budget.

The important point here is that both Pease and Allie have no problem supporting a disgraceful, deceitful man who has no business representing our country and has absolutely nothing in common with what “traditional” Republican values are supposed to be about. So why do Pease and Allie support him?

Because, like Trump, the only thing that matters to them is their own political ambition. They are willing to support anybody and say anything if they think it will help them get elected. They know if they came out against Trump, they could never win. But when leaders are willing to give their stamp of approval to a disastrous leader like Trump for political expediency, they are paving the road to ruin for the United States.

Thankfully, there are other, more principled, options on the ballot. I’ll be voting for Matt Garlo. I’ve had a few conversations with Matt and he strikes me as a very smart, conscientious and approachable person. I think he’d make a great state rep for Westfield.

I ask that you please send a strong message to both candidates Pease and Allie and the entire Republican Party: if you support Trump, you won’t get my vote!



Steve Dondley

Editor’s Note: Dan Allie is not on the ballot for state representative; he is running a write-in campaign.

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