Southwick caucus turnout low

SOUTHWICK – Low voter turnout and a lack of challengers marked both the Democratic and Republican caucuses this past weekend.No challengers came forth from the Democrats to face incumbent Republican Selectman Fred Arnold. And the democratic school committee candidates have no Republican opponents.Beth Malone of the Democratic Town Committee said just 17 voters turned out for the Friday night caucus.“We only need 10 to get on the ballot,” she said. “But it’s important to get involved and these are important positions.”Candidates nominated by the Democrats were Pat Ayotte for Board of Assessors; Dr. Jerome Azia for the Board of Health; J. Patrick Ayotte for Housing Authority; Suzanne Davis for library trustee; Dan Call for Parks and Recreation Commission; and Charles Condron, Jeffrey Houle, Jean McGivney-Burelle, James Vincent, and George LeBlanc for School Committee.Malone said the committee is “slowly picking up” new members. The committee can have up to 35 members, but has just 20 now.“With this being a senate election year and the congressional race heating up, I think people will get involved,” said Malone.Republican Town Committee member Russell Fox said their caucus was also not well attended and there were no contested seats.Republican candidates for elected seats are Paul Connolly for re-election to the Board of Assessors; Diane Mason Arnold for re-election to the cemetery commission; Dean Rankin for re-election to the Dickinson School Trust, Richard Hauff for re-election to the library trustees; Li-Ling Waller for re-election to the Parks and Recreation Commission; Roslyn Terry for re-election to Planning Board; Joseph Deedy for re-election to Planning Board; Fred Arnold for re-election to the Board of Selectmen; and Joanne Horachek for election to the Southwick Housing Authority.

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