Bike rack designs sought by Westfield Bank

WESTFIELD – Westfield Bank is delving into the art world, sort-of.

The Bank has partnered with ArtWorks Westfield to call for design submissions for a bike rack for the front of the Westfield Bank main branch on Elm Street.

ArtWorks Westfield will collect the design ideas and narrow them down to recommend a design to Westfield Bank.

The top designer will receive a $100 gift certificate for local Westfield shops. Send your entry to ArtWorks Westfield at [email protected] or Messenger on Facebook by Oct. 21.

Westfield metal artist Sebastian Glebocki designs one-of-a-kind high wheeled penny farthing bicycles. (DANNY NASON PHOTO)

Westfield Bank Executive Vice President Kevin C. O’Connor said the idea to install a bike rack at the bank came about after ArtWorks approach the bank to sponsor and host a bicycle sculpture. The metal sculpture of a High Wheeled Penny Farthing bicycle – often called a “Big Wheel” bike –  is the work of artist Sebastian Glebocki.

“ArtWorks was looking for support and a place to install the bike sculpture and we agreed to put it on the north corner of our property on Elm Street across from Franklin Avenue,” O’Connor said. “With the work going on at the Rail Trail behind us and the bike sculpture, we thought a bike rack would be a great addition.”

O’Connor said the hope is that once the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail is fully connected on each end, more bicyclists would come to downtown to eat, shop and even bank. O’Connor said the bank staff’s expertise does not lie in artistic design so ArtWorks members will select from the submissions.

“We love the ‘01085’ bike rack at Circuit Coffee,” O’Connor added.

Westfield Bank’s only request is that the design somehow incorporates the bank and its “WB” logo. He said the bank would look for a Westfield-based manufacturer to make the bike rack, and if they cannot find a company in the city to do it, they would stay in the greater Westfield area.

“We want to support local business and local arts,” said O’Connor.

The big wheel bike sculptures – one at Westfield Ban and one at City Hall – are slated for installation next week. For more information on the design contest, contact ArtWorks Westfield.

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