Boldyga retains seat for fifth term

SOUTHWICK – The official results came in late Tuesday night and Rep. Nick Boldyga unanimously defeated challenger Forrest Bradford by 10,902 votes to 5, 617. The contested race was for the state seat in the 3rd Hampden District, which represents Agawam, Southwick, and Granville.

Boldyga was able to get 66% of the votes. In Southwick, Boldyga received 3,075 votes, while Bradford had 1,085 votes. In Granville, Boldyga had 524 votes while Bradford had 241 votes. Looking at Agawam, Boldyga was able to claim all eight precincts. 

Celebrating the victory with his friends and family at the Main Street Deli in Agawam, Boldyga has now held the seat since 2008 and will now enter his fifth term. Boldyga has had a challenger every election cycle.

Rep. Nick Boldyga speaks to his family and friends on his victory for re-election as Representative of the 3rd Hampden District at the Main Street Deli in Agawam. (Photo by Greg Fitzpatrick)

This campaign season, Boldyga knocked on over 7,000 doors and on Tuesday, he and a couple volunteers made over 1,000 calls to his constituents.

“I’ve always knocked on doors, but with this year, you never take anything for granted,” said Boldyga. “I like knocking on somebody’s door and hearing what they have to say and what their issues are and what their concerns are.”

In an October interview with Boldyga about the upcoming election, the Southwick native mentioned that education, fire and police, and infrastructure were the main issues that he’d like to address right away if re-elected. With his wife, Jessica, on the school committee for the Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District, and his kids attending public schools, Boldgya noted the importance of education.

“I’m looking forward to going back to Boston. I’ve been advocating for more money for our educational systems,” said Boldgya. “That’s what I’m focused on when I go back to the state house.”

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