Candidates are set for fall elections

WESTFIELD—The nominations have been verified for this year’s local Westfield elections.

The Westfield City Clerk’s office released the listing of candidates for this year’s local elections that are scheduled for Nov. 7, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The ballot will feature contested races for positions including city council at large, city councilors in wards 3, 4 and 5, as well as Westfield School Committee and Board of Athenaeum Trustees. However, of those contested races with verified candidates, just one—ward 4 city councilor—will face a preliminary election in September, according to the city clerk’s office.

Westfield City Hall

The position of ward 4 city councilor features four candidates: Bernard W. Fitzgerald-Rosenblum of St. James Avenue, Daniel D. Call of Granville Road, Dawn Thomas of Loomis Ridge and Michael Burns of Kylie Lane. The current councilor, Mary O’Connell, decided earlier this year to not run for re-election.

The preliminary election for ward 4 city councilor will occur Sept. 26 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with locations to be determined by next week, according to the city clerk’s office.

For the mayor’s position in the city, just one candidate was verified, incumbent Brian Sullivan of Sherwood Avenue.

For at-large city councilor, a total of 13 verified candidates will be vying for seven open positions. For incumbents, the candidates are as follows: Cindy C. Harris of South Maple Street, Matthew Van Heynigen of Belden Drive, Brent B. Bean II of Ridgecrest Drive, Dave A. Flaherty of Marla Circle, John J. Beltrandi III of Jeanne Marie Drive, Dan Allie of Union Street and Steve C. Dondley of Kane Brothers Circle. Other candidates are Jeffrey J. Chagnon of Ridgecrest Drive, Gary D. Wolfe of Taylor Avenue, Muneeb Moon Mahmoob of Union Street, Matt Emershy of Fowler Street, Nicholas J. Morganelli, Jr., of Prospect Street and Frank L. Bush of Thomas Street.

For ward 1 councilor, the verified candidate is incumbent Mary Ann Babinski of Rogers Avenue.

The verified candidate for ward 2 city councilor is incumbent Ralph J. Figy of Brookline Avenue.

For ward 3 councilor, three verified candidates include incumbent Andrew Surprise of Bates Street, as well as Alexandra N. Herbert-Sutter of Western Avenue and Robert Atkocaitis of Birch Terrace.

The ward 5 city councilor position has two verified candidates, incumbent Robert A. Paul, Sr., of Camelot Lane, and Leslie D. LeFebvre of Rambling Drive.

The ward 6 city councilor position features just one verified candidate, incumbent William J. Onyski of Hillcrest Circle.

School committee features four candidates vying for three open positions according to the city clerk’s office, with the verified candidates being incumbents Jeffery L. Gosselin of Elm Street and Cindy A. Sullivan of Yankee Circle, as well as Heather W. Sullivan of Overlook Drive and Timothy J. O’Connor of Falley Drive.

Municipal light board features one verified candidate for each ward and are as follows: ward 1 has Kevin M. Kelleher, Sr., of Prospect Street Extension, ward 2 is Ray Rivera of Mechanic Street, ward 3 is Jane C. Wensley of Lathrop Avenue, ward 4 is Francis L. Liptak of City View Boulevard, ward 5 is Thomas P. Flaherty, Sr., of Wild Flower Circle and for ward 6 Robert C. Sacco of Devon Terrace.

Finally, for the Westfield Athenaeum Board of Trustees, two verified candidates are on the ballot for one position on the board according to the clerk’s office, with incumbent Jayne M. Mulligan of Granville Road and Jason Phillips of Meadowbrook Lane.

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