Car fire on pike plaza put out

BLANDFORD – A Ford Windstar van traveling westbound caught fire in the Blandford Plaza on the Massachusetts Turnpike Saturday morning.
The blaze had fully engulfed the car when Westfield firefighters arrived first on the scene just before 7 a.m.
With the aide of volunteer firefighters from Blandford, who were secondary on the scene, the Westfield firemen were able to put out the blaze shortly after their arrival, according to a media relations officer from the Massachusetts State Police Sunday.
Incoming vehicles to the westbound plaza’s parking lot were rerouted to the truckstop area as firefighters combatted the blaze, which began at 6:38 a.m. according to Massachusetts State Police.
The vehicle was owned by a 66-year old man from Dennis, who was uninjured in the fire.
An official from the Westfield Fire Department who wasn’t present on the scene said that Blandford firefighters showed up and assisted Westfield firemen by filling up their water tanks to contain the blaze.
The official stated that Westfield firefighters were on the scene for 40 minutes, but that they had the fire contained in less time than that. The cause of the blaze was undetermined.

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