Opinion Editorial

Caution: normalcy ahead

Spring is here in full force and summer is just around the corner and dare I say things are starting to feel a little bit more “normal. “

Events are returning live and in person and I could not be more excited! Last week Artworks Westfield kicked it all off with its poetry and open mic events. Artworks has an upcoming authors event on the green and a series of concerts in Westfield and Southwick begin Friday.

Westfield on Weekends is also active behind the scenes working on several events for the summer and fall. Stanley Park has several events planned, including its Wheel Walk on June 12. People are out and about, walking around downtown, gardening and mowing lawns and getting back to “routines.“

This is the most normal society has been in more than a year and I love it! However, I am very cautiously optimistic that a real normalcy is on the horizon. As more people become vaccinated, they need to still keep social distancing and mask wearing as part of this “new normal.” We are not out of the woods yet as we saw with the rise in Covid numbers in Westfield and Southwick last week. Although there has not been one particular event pointed to as the source of the uptick, Westfield Health Director Joe Rouse believes the recent school vacation contributed to the rise.

As we all take a big sigh of relief that things are looking up and we are planning for our Memorial Day parties, graduations and other events, keep in mind that we still need to be using our sanitizer as diligently as we did a year ago. I have been saying all along throughout this pandemic that I believe there is a light at the end of this long tunnel and that we can get to it as long as we work together. We need to live our lives but we still need to take precautions and I hope that everyone is doing just that and enjoying the beautiful spring days we are experiencing now.

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