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Dollars for Scholars fundraising event to benefit Southwick students

SOUTHWICK –Southwick Regional School‘s Dollars for Scholars is partnering with Tucker’s Restaurant on April 23rd for a fundraiser to benefit the scholarship program.

Tucker’s Restaurant will be giving 10% of their food sales on Tuesday April 23rd from 11:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. back to Dollars for Scholars. Tucker’s is asking those people that are coming to support Dollars for Scholars to let them know when they enter the restaurant.

“We’d like to get as many people to come out as possible,” said Dollars for Scholars President Lisa Hough.

All of the proceeds from the meals at Tucker’s will help Dollars for Scholars create more scholarships for Southwick high school students.

According to Hough, Southwick Dollars for Scholars has had a decline in handing out scholarships. In 2017, 65 scholarships were handed out whereas in 2018 the number dropped to 50 scholarships. Hough expects that number could decline again for 2019.

Members of Southwick Dollars for Scholars are seen at a meeting this past fall. (WNG File Photo)

A main reason for the number of scholarships declining the past couple of years is due to the number of volunteers that has decreased on Dollars for Scholars. Hough added that Dollars for Scholars currently only has just over a handful of people that are involved in the organization and needs to have that number increase in order to be successful.

“People are afraid of making a commitment to volunteering because they’re not sure of their time,” said Hough.

It’s fundraising opportunities like the event at Tucker’s on April 23 that could be a chance for the community to come out and support Dollars for Scholars and help them have success moving forward.

“We’re really hoping for some last-minute fundraising,” said Hough.

Hough wants to inform people in Southwick that they can join Dollars for Scholars and be involved to the extent that they can, whether that means showing up only twice a year at meetings or regularly attending meetings and fundraising events. If anyone is interested in joining Dollars for Scholars message them on their Facebook page or email Dollars for Scholars at [email protected]

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