Grown-up Gearing’s latest single is ‘sassy’

NASHVILLE – Westfield’s hometown sweetheart Ashley Gearing is all grown up and loving life right now, which you can clearly hear in her new single “Boomeramg,” set to drop on iTunes this Tuesday.
Gearing’s latest single is an upbeat song she described as “sassy.”
“It’s a fun, sassy song,” she said. “It’s one of those spring and summer songs you want to play in the car.”
Gearing has been recording songs for her new album, which will be released this summer, for the past month. Gearing said her songs are a reflection of her life as an adult.
“I wanted to represent the different phases of my life,” she said. “This is my ‘big girl’ album.”
Recording country songs since age 12, Gearing, now 22, has spent a decade growing up in the music industry. She said the transition to more adult songs and a sexier image has been natural, partly because she leads a “pretty normal” life.
“I just graduated from college and I go to work every day and although my job is writing songs and singing so it’s pretty unique, it’s just normal for me,” said Gearing.
Gearing graduated with a degree in entertainment industry studies and a minor in public relations. Her mother Allison Gearing-Kalill works in public relations and marketing at Noble Hospital and was an inspiration to Gearing.
“I had a geat role model,” she said.
Gearing credits her parents, family, friends, and industry inner circle for keeping her grounded.
“I have had a lot of support,” she said.
Gearing said receiving her college degree was tough while continuing to work and live in Nashville, where she moved after high school, but there was never a question that she would continue her studies.
“Although I’ve been performing since I was 12, I always attended regular school,” said Gearing. “Even when I was on the road and studying with a tutor, I was enrolled in school and I’m happy I didn’t miss those school things. I’m not going to look back and regret that I didn’t do something all my friends got to do at school.”
Gearing said the image of country music has changed a lot in the past decade.
“When I was 12 singing country songs in Massachusetts, there were people who didn’t get it,” she joked. “I love where country music is going right now.”
Gearing said she is inspired by all kinds of music and artists. Country artist Keith Urban is at the top of her playlist, but she said while working out, Beyonce keeps her moving.
“I listen to everyone and everything,” said Gearing. “I love Spotify!”
The new album is being produced by Kenny Greenberg and Chad Cromwell, both of whom are well know in music circles. The longtime friends are collaborating as producers for the first time with Gearing, and also perform on the album.
“Boomerang” can be downloaded beginning March 4 and can be heard on country stations across the nation. Gearing is currently on a radio tour, visiting country stations and performing the new song. She said she plans to visit local country station KIX when she hits the Northeast leg of the tour and is looking forward to coming back home.
A lyric video for “Boomerang” can be found at http://youtu.be/Gjz2bp-SCk4

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