Homicide suspect makes first court appearance since arraignment

Vadim Misiruk

WESTFIELD- Vadym Misiruk made his first appearance in Westfield District Court Friday morning since pleading not guilty to killing Nazar Tkach, 17, of Southwick, two weeks ago.

Misiruk’s attorneys requested that the case be continued to Oct. 31 for evidence discovery. On that date a probation violation hearing for Misiruk will also take place. 

Misiruk, 19, of 13 Madison St., is accused of killing Tkach on the evening of Sept. 19 in Stanley Park following an argument between the two in a car. Witnesses who said they were in the vehicle at the time said that Tkach left the car to retrieve his bike from the Stanley Park woods that run parallel to Kensington Avenue. 

Misiruk is alleged to have followed Tkach into the woods where he attacked him with a razor or knife out of sight of the two witnesses. The witnesses told police that they heard some sort of altercation taking place in the woods, and Misiruk returned to the vehicle shortly after by himself holding the apparent murder weapon and with blood on his hands. 

Police discovered Tkach’s body the following afternoon with his throat slashed and a piece of his leg apparently cut out. In the statement of facts reported by State Trooper Noah H. Pack, Misiruk is said to have admitted to coming back to the scene the following day before the body was discovered and cut out a piece of Tkach’s right leg. When asked by police why he did that, he offered multiple explanations.

When asked about a motive for the murder itself, Misiruk offered none, instead saying that he simply “blacked out” or “snapped.”

Trooper Pack reports that a ‘razor blade type cutting instrument’ was located near the body. It is unclear if that blade was the same as the one Misiruk was reportedly holding when he returned to the vehicle.
Misiruk has a deep criminal history. On Oct. 7 of last year, Misiruk was involved in an incident in which he assaulted four police officers and a police K-9. He was given two years probation for that incident. He was also ordered to participate in a residential treatment program in Bridgewater State Hospital.

He has also been charged with other cases of assault and battery and indecent assault and battery in the past.

Misiruk was arrested by Southwick police the day Tkach’s body was discovered after he was spotted in a vehicle on College Highway. 

It is unlikely that Misiruk’s case will continue to be seen in Westfield District Court, as murder charges are typically not adjudicated there. The case will likely be moved to Superior Court in Springfield for its conclusion. It is unclear where Misiruk’s active assault cases will be adjudicated. 

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