Human Resources Unlimited gets grant

WESTFIELD – Human Resources Unlimited, a Springfield-based non-profit organization that connects adults who are mentally or physically disabled or socially disadvantaged to their community, announced that it has been awarded a grant from the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.
EOLWD Secretary Joanne F. Goldstein announced that $244,426 in state funding will be dedicated to providing disabled individuals with stable employment opportunities.
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a good job where they earn fair wages,” said Goldstein.
With this funding, Human Resources Unlimited plans to continue to run and improve it’s Move to Work program. An innovative, comprehensive approach to helping individuals improve their job readiness, employment options, job retention, and overall quality of life, which is done through an integration of neuroscience research findings and physical activity within the learning environment.
The program will assist individuals with disabilities in developing job healthy lifestyle habits, which will ultimately help them find and maintain employment. The Move to Work program also takes a holistic approach to job readiness, employment, job retention, and overall quality of life, which HRU believes results in more effective, positive outcomes for their participants and the communities in which they live.
The 10-week program takes place in a structured learning environment where participants will improve their ability to obtain and retain employment by learning how to manage stress, handle conflict, deal with illness, increase their health, and improve their overall wellness.
HRU officials say that this approach will serve to “engage, motivate and excite individuals to participate fully in making a commitment to change their habits and develop a healthier, more productive life style.”
Thanks to this grant, HRU says it will now be able to serve as many as 54 individuals with disabilities.
Founded in 1970, HRU works with individuals in vocational training, practical skill building, and social opportunities, with long-term employment being the target.
In addition, HRU is also a staffing service with a social mission, and provides qualified, reliable and motivated employees to over 110 area employers while simultaneously creating employment opportunities for its program members.
The organization has offices and programs all over western Mass. and Connecticut, including the Forum House in Westfield.
“As of now, we’re planning on running three cycles of the program,” said HRU Social Enterprise Manager Gregg Thompson today. “The first will be held in Springfield, but the remaining two haven’t been determined yet.”

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