Hydrant flushing finished for the year

SOUTHWICK – According to DPW Director Randy Brown, the town-wide hydrant flushing project has concluded for the season as it has become too cold to continue.

Hydrant on Feeding Hills Road. (WNG File Photo)

“I don’t see us getting back on that until next year,” said Brown.

Brown added that the DPW could resume the flushing in the spring if it permits.

Most recently, the hydrant flushing was occurring on College Hwy as well as Tannery Road.

The annual town-wide flushing began on October 10 on Feeding Hills Road, Powder Mill Road, and the side streets off of those roads. The flushing took place every Wednesday morning from 3 a.m. until 7 a.m.

Not every hydrant in town was to be flushed during this period. This particular process was to help clear the mains of the hydrant and eliminate tuberculation. Tuberculation is the material that builds up on the walls in the pipeline of the hydrant and the flushing process removes that build up.

Brown posted a notice on the Town of Southwick website to inform residents that they shouldn’t be concerned if they see a drop in the water pressure and discoloration of their water.

If the public has any questions or comments to make about the town-wide flushing, contact the DPW at 413-569-6772.

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