Police Log, June 20, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
9:16 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Sunset Drive, a code enforcement officer reports he addressed an issue of unregistered vehicles, the officer reports he found five unregistered motorcycles as well as automotive components and wheels, the officer reports a city ordinance violation citation was issued for four of the unregistered motorcycles;
9:50 a.m.: school investigation, Westfield Middle School South, 30 W. Silver St., a school resource officer reports he was advised by administrators that $180 had been stolen from a faculty member, the SRO reports he was told that cash was taken from a teacher’s purse on two occasions while it was stored in an unlocked cabinet;
10:18 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Day Avenue, a code enforcement officer reports he responded to a complaint of an unregistered vehicle and a neighbor complained of the unkempt back yard which she said harbors predatory animals that kill cats and are a danger to her young daughter, the officer reports he informed the resident of the pertinent regulations regarding unregistered motor vehicles and advised him to start cleaning up the yard;
11:02 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street, a traffic bureau officer reports he stopped a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker and found neither occupant was using a seat belt, two citations were issued;
11:40 a.m.: animal complaint, Shaker Road, a caller reports a large turtle was struck by a vehicle but has survived, the responding animal control officer reports the box turtle sustained a non-life-threatening injury to its lower jaw and was relocated;
12:42 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Franklin Street, a traffic bureau officer reports he stopped a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker and found the operator was not using a seat belt, a citation was issued;
2:55 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Cleveland Avenue at East Silver Street, a code enforcement officer reports he observed and removed an illegally posted real estate sign;
3:39 p.m.: disturbance, Meadow Street, a caller reports her 13-year-old son is out of control, the responding officer reports the caller said the her son got into an argument with his brother and when she intervened he slapped her and struck her with a tool he had in his hand, the officer saw that the boy had exited the house and was throwing rocks at the door, the juvenile boy was arrested for being delinquent by reason of assault and battery in a domestic relationship, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and vandalism;
4:31 p.m.: trespassing, Pochassic Street, a patrol officer reports he encountered persons swimming in the river and trespassing on railroad property, the officer reports that an unregistered vehicle at the scene was towed leaving the owner without a safe way to get her unrestrained pit bull dog back to her Springfield home, an animal control officer was notified and the dog was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
4:55 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Union Avenue, a patrol officer reports a routine check of a known person seen operating a motor vehicle revealed him to be the subject of outstanding warrants, the vehicle was stopped and the passenger was also found to be the subject of outstanding warrants, Christian R. Lent, 34, of 656 West Road was arrested on two warrants and Kristine A. Lent, 40, of the same address, was arrested on three warrants;
6:53 p.m.: animal complaint, Monroe Street, a caller reports a pit bull dog tied to a fence had no water and appears to be in distress, the responding officer reports the resident said the dog belongs to her sister who is not home but she will ensure that the dog is not in distress;
7:40 p.m.: weather complaint, Granville Road, a caller reports a tree is down across both lanes of traffic, the DPW was notified and responded, the street was cleared by 9:06 p.m.;
8:08 p.m.: larceny, Meadows Apartments, 101 Meadow St., a landlord reports that two bicycles were stolen from tenants and security video has recorded the thefts, the respond officer reports the caller said that video shows two youths ride away on the stolen bicycles about 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday, the case was referred to the detective bureau where video will be reviewed;
8:47 p.m.: disturbance, Woronoco Avenue, a caller reports a fight between two neighbors with outstanding issues, the responding officer reports he was advised that an argument between the neighbors escalated to a physical confrontation before the combatants were separated by family members, the participants were advised that they can seek criminal complaints at Westfield District Court if they choose to;
10:36 p.m.: officer wanted, a caller from Sacramento, Calif., reports that he has heard from a city resident who claims to be being pursued by two persons with a knife, a second caller from the city said that her son called and told her that he is in the woods having a problem with two men, officers were unable to reach the subject by his cell phone but text message contact was made with man who said that he is lost in the woods and scared of two men with guns, the man was eventually found on the railroad embankment near Broad Street and told the officer his reports had been false, a criminal complaint for making a false police report was filed;

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