Congamond Lakes open again

SOUTHWICK – The Congamond Lakes re-opened this morning after being closed to boats for nearly a week.
The lakes were closed last Friday  when water levels rose following several days of heavy rain.
Police Chief and Harbor Master David Ricardi said it is safe for the lakes to open again.
“The levels are now below what they are supposed to be, according to an order issued by selectmen back in 2004,” Ricardi said.
The main concern with using the lakes when water levels rise is erosion.
“This is to protect the shoreline and protect the property owners along the lakes,” Ricardi said. “The wake from boats can erode grass and dirt and it can also damage docks.”
The lakes opened again at 5 a.m. today. Ricardi noted that safety is his utmost concern on the lakes. The Town Bylaws chapter 75 and 76 outline regulations for use of the lakes, particularly boating.
The following are prohibited on the waters of the Congamond Lakes and associated Commonwealth of Massachusetts facilities:
Diving or swimming from the boarding docks or fishing pier at the state boat ramps, or extending 100 feet into the lake within the limits of the riparian ownership of the state boat ramp properties; Diving, swimming or anchoring within any marked boating navigation channel; Diving, swimming or fishing from the culverts (bridges) interconnecting the lakes, or within 50 feet of said structures.
Also prohibited is fishing from the boarding docks at the state boat ramps, or fishing within 50 feet of said structures or the launch ramps, and attaching a boat to the fishing pier at the state boat ramp.
With the exception of official Town or State watercraft, leaving a boat at or attached to the outboard side of the boarding docks at the state boat ramp for more than 10 minutes, or the inboard side of the boarding docks for any duration is not allowed.
Loitering on the docks or fishing pier, or within, the state boat ramp facility is also prohibited.

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