Lakewood Village sewers discussed

SOUTHWICK – The Southwick Sewer Implementation Committee approved a new equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) assessment for Lakewood Village, pending information about the community’s offices.
Lakewood management requested that the EDU be changed to reflect recent changes made for Captain Fowler apartments.
The EDU was adjusted for one bedroom and efficiency apartments to .33 and .67 for a two bedroom unit. Three bedrooms were given an EDU rating of 1.00.
Department of Public Works Director Randy Brown said Lakewood has four buildings on the property.
“Building one has 16 two-bedroom units, building two has 32 efficiencies, building three has three three-bedrooms, and building four has 12 two-bedroom units,” said Brown.
Brown noted that the information Lakewood management supplied did not specify the size of the office space. It was listed as four offices but did not offer details about whether it was four one-bedrooms or one four-bedroom, etc.
“We need to clarify the office space,” Brown said.
The Committee agreed to hold off on the new assessment until more information was gathered. The EDU classification affects water and sewer charges.

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