Letter: Garlo focused on unity

MTo the Editor,
A Message to My Neighbors: As this campaign comes to a close with more momentum than ever, I want to thank my
friends and neighbors who have made it all possible. My campaign advertising and mailers have
come from endless small-dollar contributors throughout Westfield, and I would have never been
able to make it here without a supportive community who knows me as well as my message.
Amidst a tense and sometimes combative election season, as well as the rising spread of
COVID-19 in Westfield, it is integral that leaders at all levels preach messages of unity. I desire
nothing more than to be a living example of these values as Westfield’s next state representative.
In an era where party affiliations seem to be a taboo topic, I am more than ready to prove that
Westfield’s best chances at receiving their fair share come from a Democrat who isn’t afraid to
stray away from party lines. This is Westfield, not Washington, and I am a lifelong resident and
believer in Westfield above all else.
I am the candidate who can assure at all costs that the voices of Westfield’s working
class, small businesses, healthcare workers, parents/guardians/students, veterans, seniors, and
water advocates can be heard loud and clear in the House. As I see our youth more motivated
than ever for an election, I want them to know I will be a forward-looking voice for them as well.
Finally, I am the candidate who will pay the closest attention to the mental health and addiction
struggles of our community that have only been exacerbated during the pandemic, a focus that
has not been highlighted nearly enough aside from my campaign.
These priorities come to mind quite easily, and that is because I have been living them
just like you have since the spring. From routine volunteering at the senior center, to learning the
difficulties of this school year through my nephew, I know these struggles and I want to help. I
have stood alongside nurses outside Baystate Noble, been briefed by advocates for water safety,
and fought for proper care of our veterans through my unfortunately personal connection to the
Soldier’s Home COVID-19 outbreak.
With a unique district that consists of only Westfield, our politics should be about uniting
as true neighbors and advocating for the priority issues we all agree on in this city. If you agree, I
kindly ask you to go with Garlo on November 3rd.

Thinking of You & Yours,
Matt Garlo: Democrat for State Rep.

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