Letter: Hoose gives kudos, advice and wonders what’s up with Trump

To the Editor,
Hi folks…first the good, I think that we all should give a shout out to our government, and while most may have not ever considered it a shout out to our other State Governors, both Dem and Repub.  They have really come together to create ways and means to help us through these tough times.  And the courage to dispute the Pres., even knowing how vindictive he can be.  While the Fed comes up with excuses; our elected State government managers are actually doing a great job based upon the real realities of our situation.  I would like to also praise many of our nations other governors for the same.  The pres. says I’ll give you a million of these when 10 million are needed, and then reneges on some, or some are not usable.  Thank God for our real and Good Americans who have stepped up to compensate for the incompetence out of D.C.  While many there say that they have religion, they are seem more than ready to declare many of us expendables.  Another All American Hero is Dr. Fauci who, in public has the courage and commitment to the American people to disagree with the Pres., and worse to be right.
Next:  ideas for what to do:  Sat., AM there are several programs that especially high school age students and others may like:  The CW: Did I Mention Invention?, and Animal Tales.   WWLP: Consumer 101.  Around that time here are others.  Don’t forget Jeopardy.  PBS has quite a few youth focused and interest stimulators as Science Girls.
To our City Council and School Committee:  Have you folks considered using our Ch. 15, and 12 to deliver educational programming for students that do not have computers?  Especially 12 that at times in dormant.  And, could you work in conjunction with our local T.V. stations to promo doing this, and share broadcasts that can educate and inform the general public.  Competition is one thing, but, Public Service is apart of their mandate.
Lastly: To borrow from Popeye: what I can’t stands, I can’t stands no more.  What is with Trump?  He just wished Dictator Kim jung Un his best wishes as he may be in the hospital with a heart problem.  Here is a guy that has allowed for and has killed many No. Koreans, as well, his own family members to gain and hold power.  He has threatened us and our friends in No. E Asia with nuclear attack.  What is with Trump and his fascination with dictators?  I do recall that after one meeting with Kim, that it was so wonderful to see how Kim’s people obeyed him…NO, not good.  And, what about over the past few months that No. Korea has had 3 sets of missile testing, mainly aimed at South Korean, and Japanese waters?  Not even a mention, never mind a condemnation….Oh yah, while we were running our of PPE’s Trump want to ship some to Putin?  What about Italy, or Spain, or England that are having serious infection tolls, and deaths?

Sorry for the tirade but there are is a limit to my positive side….

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate: Brian Hoose,  [email protected]

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