Letter: Hoose on contacting government, proms and loneliness

To the Editor,
Hi folks, I would like all of you to contact our Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, and if you can, Dr. Fauci for doing his best to give us honest, straight forward information.
Next, to our School Committee; what about setting aside some time when we know what it will be to have a Senior Prom, and Graduation in Sept.?  I know many if not all of you, and I know you sincerely care about our students.  We could even have a teacher’s admin, and staff reunion too.  After all of this that might be a very nice idea?
What is with the President: Consume bleach or Lysol?  I do have a solution to when to open states.  Have a sign off: do at your own risk.  Freedom of choice..where by if you get sick, or a family member you are 100% liable for the infection and its costs.
I am running out of positives for myself.  I have taken to feeding the birds in my yard regularly.  They like the popcorn, grains, and seeds.  They are not used to me doing this but some gather when they see me. Others watch my widow and if see me take of.  Don’t trust those Humans?  I have pairs of doves, starlings, and sparrows, plus a few others.  Neat!
OK, lastly, I may not be submitting too many more editorials.  Things have fallen apart beyond my scope to help.  I am looking for help, but these days who isn’t.  Somehow, I lost a lot, not all, but most of the electrical in my house.  I do not have the skills, and at 71, not able to do a lot.  And, due to vendettas and treachery by Worchester State College for being a whistleblower that cost me 7-8 years to get a degree, and my former state employers disapproval of my Human Rights advocacy, plus the treachery by new staff, I had to retire prematurely.  I have a very low income.  And, with the COVID blocking what assets I needed to use?  Maybe only a few more before, who knows for sure…but losing what little sense of purpose, thus worth, as well Ollie, and then my cat in Jan.  Being alone …ain’t good.
Hope to still see you sometimes…Sorry for getting this out of my system; Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate: Brian Hoose, [email protected]
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