Letter: Hoose predicts a close race

To the Editor,

With the special election coming up, a part of me that is being revived needs to comment

I predict a very close race. We have a Republican mayor; only Republicans running to fill that seat if Velis wins; that may help Velis. With the current Predatory Politics of day and the Me generation, leaves loyalty, as many other things, in doubt The Knapiks still quite influential. Add in a special election which often does not draw, and one depending upon write in voters? The local Republican Party seems more engaged; especially in moving people into, and then from local office to more state. The local Dem. Party, seems divided. Some thinking Velis is too conservative, plus are reluctant to expand their base.

The election will depend upon GOTV, get out the vote ability. Also, over confidence by the Velis voters as he is the assumed winner. Then factor whether COVID boredom will motivate doing something, or will it be the COVID phobic? And, a downside to holding office: who have you ignored, alienated, ticked off or otherwise ? Thus, it should be a close race

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate: Brian Hoose, [email protected]


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