Letter: How are troops faring with coronavirus?

To the Editor,
Sharing a concern: The virus…I have not heard anything regarding the effects on our people in the military. With the 1,000’s in Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, as well, those in Iraq, and the Middle East (nations there have a concern of the spread from Iran), and in Italy, and the rest of Europe. Please join me to contact and ask our Congressman Richard Neal, and our senators Warren, and Markey what their status is.
President Trump said he closed the borders, so we are safe, but that changed later.  We can NOT close our borders with 1,000s flying in or coming by ship from around the world.  We can not have this kind of myth info, not now, not with this kind of a crisis.
On the election, another circular firing squad by Dems, in the last debate.  At least the number of candidates is becoming manageable.  But, this election will be up to us: especially, unenrolled, Independent voters.  Our nation and people need to be able to cooperate.  Again; we were founded as 13 separate and very different states, with different interests, social/cultural/economic and governing principles.  We were unified by the need for self defense, and economic benefit from our association.  As well, we shared a lot of commonalities in our struggles to survive and thrive in this New World.  And, in so doing, we broke away from the established Old World norms in about everything.  If you do not believe me, read about our Great Experiment, and the Constitution as the Great Compromise.  It was not easy, and never has been. , but were persevered, cooperated and compromised enough to not only work, but to inspire the world, that what they called peasants, and social inferiors that we could not only manage ourselves but to create a nation that by all the Old World facts could not survive.
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate: Brian Hoose,  [email protected]
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