Letter: Pease says he is the best person for state rep

To the Editor,
I am Kelly Pease candidate for State Representative. With over 9,000 mail-in
ballots already sent out, early in-person voting at City Hall, and the November 3rd election under two weeks away, I humbly ask for your vote. I know every one of you cannot wait for this election season to be over, but I do hope you will make an informed decision.
Whether you are a Democrat, Independent (Unenrolled), or a Republican and no matter who you are voting for in the national election, I would like you to consider me for your local representative. I will represent all the people of Westfield by fighting and advocating for more money for our roads, schools, and clean water. I am a fiscal conservative who will fight against any new taxes. The state takes in enough taxes and they need to prioritize their budget to take care of every community’s core needs first before any other expenditures.
I am out campaigning every day to work hard for your vote and I will continue to work hard as your representative. I know most of you have seen me at 7am almost daily since the beginning of May. I worked hard to get my name out there so you would be curious enough to research and learn more about me. When the campaign first got started, most people were wondering who I was. After knocking on over 3,000 doors, the debates, ads, and winning the primary election, I believe most people know who I am, where I stand on the issues and what my work ethic is.
All I ask is that you pick the best person for the job. Who has the experience and understanding of how the State House functions and of working with people from around the world that will help when working with the politicians on Beacon Hill on your behalf? I believe with my resume and the lifetime of experience I have that I am that candidate. I would love to serve you as the next State Representative for the City of Westfield. I am not a politician. I have honor and integrity and will work hard to make you proud to have me as your representative. I will not follow any party when voting but will vote based on the needs of our city while maintaining my fiscal conservative values.
If I have not met you and you would like to have a conversation please email me at: [email protected] Again, I am Kelly Pease and I humbly ask for your vote in the November 3rd election.

Thank you,
Kelly Pease
Candidate for State Representative

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