Letter: Pease seeks your vote

To the Editor,

I am Kelly Pease candidate for State Representative. I have twenty years of experience in the Military working with the various services and countries to accomplish the mission.  Having served our State Senator and going to Beacon Hill, I understand the inner workings of the State House and how to help people who run into bureaucratic roadblocks with State Agencies.  I understand the joys and challenges of homeownership and raising children, especially in this current COVID-19 environment.  I will use all my wisdom and experience to serve the people of Westfield.

I am not a politician, but I have learned how to work with a variety of people over my lifetime.  I will take those skills to work for you at the State House by working with the politicians in Boston to advocate for Westfield.  I will work towards getting more money for roads, schools, and clean water, not by raising taxes, but by reallocating funds in the budget to take care of Westfields basic needs.  I do not promise you anything, except that I will work hard for Westfield and make you proud to have me as your representative.

Mail-in ballots are being mailed next week and I ask for your vote to be your next Representative.  I look forward to continuing to meet with and listen to the voters up to the November 3rd election and afterwards as your representative, so I fully understand the issues the people of Westfield are concerned about.  If I have not met you and you would like to have a conversation please email me at:  [email protected].  Again, I am not a politician, but I bring a ton of experience to this position and if you elect me, I promise to work hard for you and the City of Westfield in Boston.

Thank you,

Kelly Pease

Candidate for State Representative

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