Letter: Phelps wants your vote


To the Editor,

I am running for the office of Southwick’s Town Moderator in the June 9 Town election. I must say that this has been one of the most challenging of the three campaigns for Town office that I’ve experienced. But as someone who’s served in the military, a challenge has never stopped me.
I’m writing a Letter to the Editor because, under normal circumstances as an Unenrolled (Independent) candidate, I would have visited neighborhoods, talked with voters and distributed campaign flyers. However, with the COVID-19
guidelines on social distancing, I’ve had to rely on electronic communication, including a Facebook page and a Zoom meeting format for a “Meet and Greet” event. I’ve also used traditional methods of campaigning through a Press Release and by placing signs throughout Southwick. Please know that I am the person with the experience and dedication to represent the voters of Southwick in this important position.
A long-time Southwick resident, I’ve been involved with serving the community asan appointed member of the Conservation Commission and a twice-elected member of the Planning Board. In these positions I’ve been able to use my skills and experience in natural resource management and land use planning to help sustain the qualities that make Southwick a special place to live and work. I’ve attended and participated in many Town Meetings and know what it will take to coordinate and manage successful meetings.
If elected on June 9 as Town Moderator, I pledge to conduct inclusive Town Meetings and appoint qualified registered voters to the Finance Committee in order to help guide the Town through difficult economic times. My dedication to Southwick and my knowledge and experience in Town matters makes me the most capable and reliable choice.
Those interested in learning more about me can view my Facebook page at “Marcus Phelps for Southwick Town Moderator”. You can also contact me by email at [email protected] or by telephoning 413-569-3381. I’d be happy to answer questions on my familiarity with the Moderator position and provide further information on the other positions that I’ve held in Southwick.
I would like to thank family and friends for supporting my candidacy and for knowing that I will continue to serve the community in whatever way I can.

Marcus Phelps
Candidate for Southwick Town Moderator

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