Letter: Putnam seeks votes

To the Editor
I’m Terry Putnam, and I’m running for the Southwick Town Board of Health.

With over 40 years in healthcare, I bring a variety of skills and experiences that will prove useful in helping to ensure the continuing health and safety of my community as a Board of Health member.
My current role as a hospital surveyor with The Joint Commission allows me the opportunity to see how other hospitals and communities address challenges that are often similar to ours and the potential to share their lessons learned as we work to solve comparable issues here at home.

The nature of my job requires that I receive ongoing, up to date education on topics such as infection control, food safety, and emergency management, all pertinent to the Board of Health and valuable qualifications for a Board member to have.

I have always had a passion for healthcare quality and for doing what needs to be done to keep people safe. In my position as Church Moderator of Southwick Congregational Church, I channeled this passion into efforts to protect the wellbeing of our congregation during the Covid pandemic through worship policy changes and physical environment modifications.

I have served in Southwick Town Government previously as a representative on the Housing Authority and look forward to the chance to serve my community again in such a vital position.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Terry Putnam


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