Letter: Spread the positive

To the Editor,

First the positives:  For all the those doom and gloomers;  yes Virginia there are good and positive people out here.  First: Hollie, at Big Y…she can often be seen prepping carts before you go into the store.  She is up beat and fun to talk with…great greeter.  But, also a help too.  I left my umbrella in my cart, and the next time I went to the Big Y, she asked me about…thought it was mine, but it at customer services, for me…neat, and awesome.
Next: this couple who bikes by my home daily: we chat, sometimes with their son as well.  They came to me and volunteered to take care of my front yard, that the city denies responsibility for….They did a great job.  Now my signs really stand out.
Is my Spread the Positive project working?   Absolutely; as said from suspicious looks to then waving and saying hi, and beeping their horns; to include PVTA bus drivers…  Then, slowing to say hello, or some nice comment, but what really threw me: I was busy and not at my post; two different couples stopped to ask if I was OK, as they had not seen me at my usual times… When you are alone, and you just wanted to do something positive, and you get some people who are concerned that they seek you out…made me feel fantastic, and like I was worth something…touching.
Another shout out must go to Grader Auto Repair on Franklin St., for all their help and positive interpersonal way of doing business.
OK, I must spew a bit of anger when there is a really good reason.  Putin has a bounty on American troops in Afghanistan?  And, the White house: 1 did not know about it?  2., there was not much evidence!  3. The President was not told, OH HE WAS, but see number 2!!!!  How much miss, myth-information and games of make up an alternative makes us look good BS.  The BS re: COVID, won’t effect us, will be gone in days, oh we are sending PPE’s, but we ran out….I am P’d off over all of this deception and abuse of the American people while giving money breaks to his economic class mates.  Sorry, But…as a Vet, and as an American who is not a billionaire and who does pay taxes…
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and still Community Advocate….Brian Hoose.  [email protected]
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