Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

Hi folks…Just to let you know, I will be going back to Public Participation portion at both City Council and School Committee Meetings, as well as some others.  So, in my newly self-created status as a Community Advocate if you have a concern, or interest let me know.  And, for those who saw me at the last School Committee meeting: what happened to you…the beard is gone!!!  Hey a little change is not a bad thing.

With Labor Day almost here, means elections are not far away.  For me, every election is an opportunity to advocate for what is important.  As said looking around I see so much new happening.  Holyoke got the Amazon contract.  Talking with my good friend, Nicole LaChapelle, Mayor Easthampton; they are going so much to upgrade their community with entertainment, and innovative features to attract business.  And, with their revenue enhanced by their cannabis businesses; they look at doing much more.  Get the point?  Our elections will decide where Westfield is going, and how we will get there.  A quick Hoose quote: those that don’t plan for the future, do not have one…  For the seniors, you know what it was like back in the 70’s when this region, unprepared, really felt the loss due to a lack of a plan to adapt to a changing world.  Do you really want that repeated?  Especially, with other communities working on their options and opportunities that are evolving.  The ability to adapt is vital.  In the past, changes occurred over 100’s of years.  Now, each decade is bringing new, creative, and innovative businesses, and opportunities.  I do not have to go through all that is happening: with transportation, entertainment, recreation, technology, and awareness/appeal of our region.  Oh, I don’t like what is happening….really?  Let’s try a reality check: a residential community puts the tax burden on the homeowner rather than businesses.  Think about it.

Have you looked at the corrections make on our National economics?  2017-2018 unemployment numbers have been corrected.  Employment was revised downward by 500,000.  And, economic up revised downward from the promised 3% to 2.7%. More farmers are declaring bankruptcy, and their revenue is down.  Even, Jack Daniels is blaming the tariffs for a loss of sales.  You can listen to the biased rhetoric, or you can look at the facts.  North Korea is now building a submarine that can launch missiles.  And, yet the president is saying at least they are not long range.  Again, short range is all that they need to kill off a million So. Koreans, and all the Americans stationed there.  Oh, the media distraction, how cleaver: let’s buy Greenland.  This is not a game of Risk…  And, last week was a week of blunders.  Is it no wonder our allies a concerned and losing confidence in us?  The 21st Century must have cooperation to resolve our shared and common needs and interests. The fires in the Amazon could cause Earth to lose 20% of Earth’s (our) oxygen.  And, with the melt in the artic regions as: Siberia, Alaska, Lapland, and Canada, thus releasing CO2 stored in the ground for 1,000’s of years…  Kind of a positive being 71 years old; in that I won’t be around long enough to suffocate due to disunity, a lack of reality, and a who cares: it is all about the money.  (sarcasm) Maybe that is why the new push for the space program…   OK, enough for now.  But, please do really think about an objective reality check…

Brian Hoose

[email protected]

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