Letter to the Editor: Grateful for friends

To the Editor,

Hi folks…If you saw me at the last City Council meeting, I was able to thank a bunch of people who have come to my rescue.  As I said before I live with depression.  And, when you are alone, feeling helpless, useless, and defenseless due to age, and loss of fiscal means; due to being coerced into early retirement, and the loss of my dog Ollie this spring…it can take a real toll and make it so much easier to just give up and go home.  But, if you read the paper you read some of my comments.  For those who have gone by my house you know the disaster with my yard.  In big part, it was due to my lack of physical and fiscal ability to take care of and the “why try, who cares” of depression.  Part of the problem is that when Arnold St. was rehabbed the dirt removed in front was replaced by dirt with heavy duty weeds, etc.

I got the warning from the police.  So I sent out an SOS to some friends, honestly I did not expect a lot save a few suggestions. BUT, it was so much more that.  The paper had a partial list of people who I want and need to thank: Tina Gorman, and Karen Noblit at the COA, Julie Barnes, our V.A. office, Nathan Speery, at WTA, Ron Rix school dept., Lt. Eric Hall, WPD, Peter Miller, city hall, Dave Billips, DPW., the Mayor, Brian Sullivan, Council President Ralph Figy, and Councilor at large Brent Bean.  I e-mail them, and they all responded, with advice and info to help me.  OK, missing: Joe Mitchell…Who took up the task of organizing these and others to raise some funds, and find the help I needed.  Joining these were also: with donations: Sue Phillips, City Legal, Councilors John Beltrandi, Ralph Figy, and Brent Bean, and Attorney Rob Levesque, and of course, Mr. Joe Mitchell.  Literally life savers…I wish to offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude for their help with the project and more important, really, the reviving of my emotional positives.  For there are people who care.  And, one comment especially came from Joe: “Brian you do have friends….”

Also at the Council meeting, included in the paper was a request to one and all there…this coming week is a Suicide Prevention week.  We are having so many committing suicide whether our youth, middle age white men account for the greatest percentage; just so many that I made an appeal to do all that you can to come up with and support solutions.  There is no one size fits all: beyond the more usual sources of genetic pre-disposition, physical trauma as head injuries, and emotional/psychological trauma.  Now add social isolation; a loss of purpose, and with it self-worth, and value.  Defenseless, uselessness, helpless, alone,….There is the trauma of economic distress.  Too many are disassociated.  We used to have places to go to see people we know, and with whom we could unload our feelings.  Our world has become too busy to take the time; too superficial or worse too mean spirited, where being hateful, and pro kill. , Where it is a norm to be demeaning.  Oh we are filled with others who claim they will take care of us, or do it for us, but don’t.  With tech so wide spread youth cannot escape the harassment, and parent too buy keeping up with the so many other things.  Materialism has replaced our sense of Humanity.  Religion, the med. Industry are getting more discredited.  Add in the myths and long held perceptions re: mental health.  I worked in the Mental Health field for around 30 years, and gained a lot of academics on the subject that I have some real experiential/application and study on mental health.  I know, however, whoever has the dominant, one size popular theory is all that you hear.  A lot has to be done!  I recall using a Hot Line, to get this cheery voice: how can I help you?  I think, at that; point, I needed to hear sincere.  Too often, as well, I too often get those who want to tell me about their services, and process, versus listening to me.  We have really come to de-value life, Human life.  OK, enough  already; let me leave you with a quote:  “When we take away from a man his traditional way of life, his customs, his religion, we had better make certain to replace it with SOMETHING OF VALUE” by Robert Ruark, in his book: Something of Value…  Oh, I want to most sincerely thank all of you who read my editorials, or having seen me speaking Council meetings and then talk with me whenever you see me.  You too are the good people who care, and help.

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected]  

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